Chasteberry “The Women’s Herb”

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My Story:   

In 2005, I was forced into menopause, surgically. I had to have all my inner “girly parts” taken out because of a 20 pound tumor (noncancerous) was discovered on and removed from my ovary. Now, I say it is non-cancerous but the docs wanted to say “pre-cancerous” and so they decided it was in my best interests to just get all that stuff out since I had no use for it anyway because I birthed the last of my three kiddos and had my tubes tied two years prior.

Adam (74)


Signing up for surgery, a sweet 2 year old in tow.


I prayed and just said to God, “Ok, I will have the surgery but I don’t want to have to take hormones.” I had always been sensitive to to hormones, even in birth control, so I was wary of taking them. I had the surgery and while I was in recovery, the nurse slapped a hormone patch on me before I was coherent enough to argue. I went home and in two days was near suicidal. The hormones was making me spiral into a bottomless pit of depression. My sister finally talked me into taking off the patch and within a few hours I was feeling better.

Beck (28)

Neither baby boy nor I was in a mood for pictures after my surgery and he never left my side, we had to pad me with pillows to protect me from any stray accidental bumps.

I was still having menopause symptoms of depression, hot flashes, and such and so I went to the doctor and she tried to talk me into hormones again, even giving me some samples to take and try… along with a prescription for the anti-depressant Lexapro. I didn’t take the hormones but decided to try the anti-depressants. A month went by and I wasn’t depressed, but I wasn’t happy either, I was complacent and apathetic, I simply had no feelings, I didn’t care about God, or my health, or schooling, or cleaning, anything, I was just existing.

I have always been a person with strong emotions and deep feelings, so not having any feelings seemed very strange to me and I knew something wasn’t right but I didn’t care enough to change anything. That is, until I started having muscle twitches that were continually getting worse. Finally I had enough, I knew logically, that twitching meant neurological and I couldn’t risk having permanent damage so I stopped taking the pills and went back to my roller coaster of emotions.

Thank God that I have an extremely patient and tolerant husband that stood by me through all of my hormonal upset. I hated having bad days and the good days never lasted long enough. For 7 years we just endured my depression even though it effected my everyday life, I had days I could barely get out of bed, and even when I did I was rarely motivated to do anything. I struggled schooling the children and felt they were slowly falling behind.

Finally, I managed to get brave and get an appointment with a local holistic doctor. I told her my issues and she suggested chasteberry. She said chasteberry was natural source of progesterone and it helps normalize the ratio of progesterone to the estrogen that is stored in my fat cells. With no known side effects, I gladly accepted the suggestion!

I took the pills for about a week and didn’t really notice anything. The second week I asked hubby, “Do you think the chasteberry is working?” He thought for a minute and said, “Yeah, I think so.”  So I continued taking them, and very gradually I started to be motivated again, I was able to think a bit more clearly. Slowly, I began to have more good days than bad, more happy than sad. “Slow and steady” it was working, balancing out the hormones in my body that had been out of whack for 7 years. “Slow and steady” is just fine by me, I had enough quick ups and downs with my roller coaster of emotions over the years, yep, slow and steady is beautiful!

I am so happy to have had Chasteberry suggested to me by my doctor! I won’t say everything is always rainbows and moonbeams but gosh everyone is allowed to have a bad day! But I can say it is a far cry better than what it was!Open-mouthed smile

I pray that my story speaks to the heart of other women who may have experienced something similar to what I did and I pray that you too can find assistance in the use of God’s herbal remedies!

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for more information on Chasteberry visit WebMD.

Blessings to you,


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