Wasp and Bee Sting Relief**

It’s that time of year again… Spring! As the days get warmer and nature awakens from winter, our wonderful flying predatory pollinators, (wasps and bees) come out from their hiding place where they had been “over-wintering.” You see them fluttering around the budding trees and flowers being busy about their work.


There is always the chance for the occasional “run in” with our flying friends and you should “bee” prepared for the occasional sting!

So go check your med kit and make sure you have the right Essential Oils on hand! (affiliate link) 

The kinds of oils you want to pack in your kit are the ones that have natural anti-inflammatory, antihistamine and antipruritic (anti-itchy) properties to relieve the bee sting swelling and reduce the itchiness.


The best oils for bee and hornet stings are: (affiliate links included) 


Wasp stings have a bit of a different “make-up” to their venom, so use the following recipe!

I recommend putting it in a roll on bottle for easy application. That makes it real handy to slip in your med kit, purse, hiking bag, or whatever so you can have it ready to use, rather than trying to fumble around and gather oils and mix them while you are suffering from a sting!

Don’t forget, if the little bugger left her hind quarters in you, it will have to be removed, be careful not to break the venom bag if it is intact.

Apply 1-2 drops (or a “roll”) to the area every fifteen minutes for the first hour. The oils may be applied 2-3 times per day.

Make up some extra and pass out to family and friend, fellow hikers, golfers, gardeners, anyone who loves sharing the great outdoors with all of God’s creation!

 Wasp and Bee Sting Remedy

Always “spot test” new oils to check for sensitivity, then dilute with a
carrier oil if needed.

**In case of severe allergic reaction, please seek medical attention immediately!!!

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Just for fun here are some free cute little printable labels that fit perfectly “long ways” on the roll on bottles! Print them out on Avery address labels 5160 for best results!

~Wasp and Bee Sting Relief Labels~

Blessings to you,


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