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I know wasp preservation isn’t for everyone, especially if you are allergic to their sting. But we like to encourage people, if at all possible, not to be so quick to kill the wasps around your home, especially if you have fruits trees, plants, or a garden.


wasp away 2

Wasps are a vital part of our ecosystem. I know most people are only thinking about that darn sting (Check out my Wasp and Bee Sting Relief for that) but if you think about it, wasps are super important. Not only are they pollinators, they are predators of, and parasitic to, the harmful insects that plague our lovely plants. For example, mature paper wasp nests contain up to 200 cells! Paper wasps prey on insects such as caterpillars, flies and beetle larvae which they feed to their offspring. That is a lot of mouths to feed and can put a huge dent in the garden pest problem! Another example is the black and yellow mud dauber, it will fill a larva’s cylinder with about 40 spiders (that is just for one baby’s dinners!) So see, wasps are extremely helpful to us!


Here at “Casa Happy Daze” we love our wasps, we sit outside by our garden in the evening hours and watch them hunt insects to feed their larvae, plucking fat juicy worms off of our squash, peas, and tomatoes. They are amazing because of their unique ability to hunt with keen precision, darting in and out of our tree branches, carefully looking under each leaf and protecting our pecan trees from worms. We do not kill the wasps but rather we deter them from building nests in places that could come in conflict with us. Deterring them is really quiet simple, just use Clove Bud Essential Oil! (affiliate link)




Today we spotted a queen paper wasp standing vigilant on a nest stem on our back porch. I took a cotton swab with a drop of Spark Naturals Clove Bud Oil (affiliate link) on the tip and touched it to the stem of the soon-to-be nest and immediately the wasp retreated from her guard post. She attempted to return but would only get within 2 inches of the nest area. Within five minutes, she abandoned her the area.


A light mist of a mixture of 6-10 drops clove oil in an 8 oz. spray bottle (affiliate links) of water along the rafters of the entire porch will deter her from just going to a new place within our domain. Instead she will go and build her nest out in an area we do not frequent, raising her little ones in peace, feeding them a healthy diet of those nasty insects that want to eat our garden veggies.



Wasp Larvae… they are pretty cute aren’t they!

Wasp Away

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Here are some free printable labels to label your bottle with! Use Avery labels for best results, or like me, print on regular paper cut and tape. Smile

~Wasp Away Spray Labels~

Small: 1×2-5/8 (label #5160)

Medium: 2×2 (label #22806)

Large: 3-1/3×4 (label #5164)

Blessings to you,


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  1. Pretty happy with my Wasp Away Spray!! I was outside working a little around our feed shed and noticed a red wasp trying to build in the electric box of the camper. I got a little close and the wasp tried to get me!! I dart over to the green house where I have a bottle of Wasp Away Spray and head back into the fight I sprayed the box it was trying to build in and it came at me again… I started spraying directly at the wasp and it would veer away and zoom off then come back and try again but it was like it could not handle the smell of the oil in my spray (It was like I have a invisible shield LOL) I finally got it with a direct hit and it went to the ground where I finished it off with a stomp!! I don’t mind wasps, really I don’t… but if it is a me or them scenario, they lose!!
    Really happy that it keeps them from building in places I don’t want and it keeps them away from me with out me having to spray toxic chemicals into the air I breathe just to get rid of a wasp!! Happy, Happy, Happy!!

  2. With the spray, it is is just clove bud oil and nothing else? They swarm my shed in the summer and that is where we have our washer and dryer so it is hard to wash clothes.

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