Essential Oils for Focus

The other day, I went to get a shirt out of my closet, threw the shirt back in, walked away with the hanger, looked down and noticed I had the hanger, shaking my head I laughed at myself. I went back into the closet grabbed up my shirt, wonder how it ended up with two hangers in it(mentally blamed the kids) and again threw the shirt back in the closet and walked away with the second hanger.


I just sat on the  bed  seriously thinking “I need some serious help focusing”! So here we are…

Being the research nerd I am, I started my search to find the Essential Oil combo I wanted to use for the best effects of my focus issues! Here are some cool things I found out!

Essential Oils are a unique substance, they are made up of such tiny molecules that they can actually penetrate the blood barrier of the brain. By getting to the brain, the oil molecules can do the most good!

“Most medications are unable to directly affect the brain: the blood-brain barrier filters most chemicals in the blood, blocking them from entering the brain.The light, small molecules in an essential oil are different: able to cross over the blood-brain barrier, they are used therapeutically to help students, those with memory loss or other brain disorders, Alzheimer’s, depression, ADD/ADHD, heavy metal toxicity, and more.”  (

So THAT is how it works!! Cool!!

After looking into all my favorite books on Essential Oils and on a few of my ”go to “ web pages I decided on the top three oils I wanted to use in my diffuser for focus! (affiliate link)

Here are the contenders and why! (affiliate links included)


“The ancients believed that rosemary strengthened memory, and thus it became an emblem of fidelity, important at both weddings and funerals. The smoke was inhaled to protect against brain weakness and dizziness, and the herb was burned in schools and universities to inspire the pupils. Japanese researchers have preliminary evidence that rosemary does indeed improve memory.” [2]

Rosemary works so well at stimulating you may have to watch your blood pressure, so be safe when using oils, always!


“But everyone, including modern scientists, agrees that it is a strong mental and physical stimulant that can help one concentrate and stay awake and alert.” [3]

Caution, peppermint is a hot oil, can burn if applied directly to skin!


“Modern science backs up these observations by showing that, when burned, frankincense releases molecules of trahydrocannabinole, a psychoactive compound that may be responsible for uplifting the spirit.” [4]

Extra benefit: Many studies show Frankincense may have cancer fighting abilities!

“Cancer starts when the DNA code within the cell’s nucleus becomes corrupted,” he says. “It seems frankincense has a re-set function. It can tell the cell what the right DNA code should be.”[5]

So what am I doing with these three??
I am taking 2 drops of each oil and put in my
diffuser, relaxing and letting those little molecules in!


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Blessings to you,


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