Essential Oil Ant Bite Relief

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Just for fun, I decided to put up my game camera in my chicken and goat pen to capture some candid shots of them as they go about their daily lives.


Honey “ain’t” to sure about this thing in the pen, if the feed doesn’t shoot out of this box, it is of no use!

I looked around to make sure the area was nice and clean (keeping up appearances and all) and I noticed a bucket that had been tossed outside the fence and in view of where I was putting the camera. It was easier to reach over the fence than go around but my arm was not quite long enough. I spotted a piece of pipe on the ground so I grabbed it to hook the bucket with. Of course, wouldn’t you know, ants would build in the one thing left  on the ground in the chicken yard.


I didn’t notice the ants until I was already reaching over the fence to get the bucket and nearly had it. These little suckers started invading my hand like it was Iwo Jima! Too stubborn to let go of the pipe, I endured the ants biting my hand. Finally, I got the bucket, dropped the pipe, and swatted the ants from my hand! I finished setting up my camera and hurried into the house to wash my hands and see how bad it was.

Of course, I thought, “lavender EO is what I need for this!”, then I thought, “Oh, I am using oils {BLOG IT}, quick get a pic!” All this time my hand burning and itching! (I go that extra mile for my readers Winking smile) I was so busy trying to get a silly pic I didn’t think to oil my and THEN taking the picture! I believe I need to use my Focus Oils  again, and soon, absent-mindedness had kicked in again! (affiliate links)


I put a drop of  lavender EO on my hand then rubbed it in real good. That helped a lot to ease the pain but it was still a little itchy. I thought for a minute and decided peppermint(affiliate link) I need peppermint too!!  I grabbed it and added a drop of peppermint on my bites as well! Sure enough, the pain and itching completely stopped! Hindsight, I should have put peppermint on first, then lavender but it still worked really good!!


Woke up the next morning and I had no evidence that I had been bitten! Usually, after an East Texas ant bite, I get a little blister on each bite, but nope, totally good clear skin! Now I know which two oils to grab next time, maybe even mix some in a roll-on bottle to have with me when I am working in the yard!

Ant Bite

Blessings to you,


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Ads that are displayed below this point are NOT my ads but those of and are not necessarily approved or supported by Becky Husband or Oh Happy Daze – Back to Basics. If you saw an inappropriate ad, please report it!



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Becky is a Christian homeschool mom blogger that lives on a small farm in Deep East Texas. When she isn't homeschooling her kids, she is busy documenting their life on her blog through photography, video, and slideshows. She has always been talented using the computer and working with digital imagery in an artistic and inspiring way. Her experience includes recording and editing videos for church, capturing and editing digital photos, scanning and digitally "cleaning" paper photos, and creating photo slideshows.

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