Essential Oil Cabinet

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I don’t have a huge collection of essential oils  yet, but it is steadily growing. I did keep them in a little handmade box my husband made for me years ago. Isn’t it beautiful!


But they outgrew that a few weeks ago.

I had this nice wall mount jewelry cabinet sitting around in the way with nothing in it.


Looking at it one day, I had the bright idea to repurpose it for my oils. I didn’t want to completely reconstruct my cabinet (who knows if I ever decide to get back into jewelry) so I wanted to make it work for me “as is.”


But what on earth could I do with this? There are no shelves to speak of to put oils in, this just wasn’t going to work.
But then the Texas redneck mind kicked in and I remembered,  “You can do just about anything with super glue, duct tape, and zip-ties!”


Super glue and duct tape wouldn’t work for this project so zip-ties was the “hack” of choice!
I was aiming to make “hangers” out of the ties that would fit in the little key hole groves where the earrings use to fit.


I wanted to zip a tie around the neck of the bottle. The safety band, that used to be attached to the lids before it was opened, needed to be shoved up and the tie placed under that.


Note to self: Be sure you push that safety band all the way up BEFORE zipping that tie tight or it is “most near” impossible to adjust a zip-tie that is zipped over the safety band.
Yes, I found that out the hard way and had to cut it off and try again!


Hold the tie and band in place and…


Zip tight!


I cut off the excess tie at about 3/4 inch long.


Now I needed something to “catch” in the keyhole so it wouldn’t just pull through and fall out. I chose some large chunky beads I had from a leftover craft kit. I cleverly associated the letter on the bead with the beginning letter of the oil. ‘O’ is for oregano!


I heated the tip of the zip tie to melt the plastic …
(Sorry for the blurred picture, it is hard to take pictures and craft with both hands)


…then mashed it flat (using the bottom of a mason jar) so that the bead would not slip off.


…and it was done!

Yes, they hang a little “wonky” but when I fill in the gaps with other oils they will line up better! I have them in alphabetical order so I can quickly find the oil I need!

I am also in the process of  making business card sized “info cards” for each of the oils! I have the Lemon cards done!


I hole-punched the corner and tied the cards together with a  “cell phone lanyard.” It hangs nicely in the cabinet for quick reference!


On the outside of the cabinet was frames for pictures. So naturally I printed pictures of the infographics I had posted so far on my blog and put them in the frame! I have plenty of room for any future infographics I make!

And that is how I repurposed my jewelry cabinet into my Essential Oil Cabinet!

There are days I just walk by and open the door and inhale deeply, it smells so wonderful with all my oils in it, it is like a tiny porthole to healing peace!

How do you store your oils?

Blessings to you,


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  1. Pretty cool rednecking, Becky! I love it!

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