Independence Day “Essential” Protocol

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It is that time of year again, the time when America celebrates her independence!
July 4th is a time when family and friends get together to enjoy fellowship, food, & fireworks!  I wanted to share some

4th july 3

Essential Oil ideas that will help your 4th of July party be its best!

In the south, this summertime holiday consists  of barbecues, pool parties, camp fires, and fireworks! Unfortunately, sometimes a few unwanted guests show up… insects!!

Fight back with all natural essential oils!!!

Essential 4 Pack

(click images for larger view!)

To Deter Insects

Wasp AwayAnt Repellant


Insect Bite Relief**!!

Wasp & BeeAnt BiteChigger If you are out in the beautiful sun for any amount of time you are bound to get a little sun burn! But the sun is not the only burn you can get when enjoying a family gathering, hubby is notorious for burning himself on the BBQ pit, and sometimes even burning the BBQ pit!! And of course with fireworks and sparklers everywhere there is always a risk for a burn… I will tell you a story of two little blond girls one 4th of July many years ago… We… ahem, I mean THEY were running around in circles playing with sparklers and the little sister was chasing her big sister, having a great time! The bigger sister stopped all of a sudden and the little sister didn’t. This ended up with a very mad big sister with a burn on her bottom and a little sister who still, to this day, thinks it was pretty funny! Winking smile So be careful with those sparklers!!!



Cool Tip!!!

To keep the kiddos hands from getting hit by those nasty sparkler sparks take a solo cup, punch a hole in the bottom, wrap with tin foil so the cup doesn’t catch on fire , and stick the sparkler through the hole in the bottom.. boom!! A Sparkler Shield!!!

**As always, for sever allergic reaction to insect stings or for major burns call 911 and seek medical help immediately!!

I pray you all have a blessed and joy filled 4th of July!!

Happy Independence Day!!!

Blessings to you,


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