Essential Oil Ear Ache Relief

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Essential Oil Ear Ache Relief

My daughter (14 years old) had a pretty bad cold for two days, one with fever, chills, sore throat, and a cough. Thankfully she was only sickly for two days but the day after, she developed an ear infection.

Essential Oil Ear Ache Relief

At first, she just could not hear out of her ear, but then it got painful. I looked in her ear with an ear scope and saw the yellowish milky look of an ear infection.

Ear infection info from the Michael Rothschild Pediatric Ear, Nose, and Throat web site:

Ear Drum Pics

In the case of otitis media, the middle ear fills up with infected fluid (pus). This can cause pain, fever, irritability and a temporary hearing loss. The diagnosis is made by seeing this infected yellow-white fluid behind the eardrum. The ear is not always red in otitis media, but children with ear infections almost always have some problem hearing because the fluid interferes with vibration of the eardrum. Acute otitis media is often treated with antibiotics, although recent research suggests that in some cases, it may be ok to simply treat the pain and avoid antibiotics (speak with your child’s pediatrician about this).


This is how we treated it!

In a small jar, I mixed together the concoction (below) of Melaleuca EO, olive oil, & apple cider vinegar and warmed it slightly by running the (closed) jar under hot water. I stirred it and tested it to make sure heat was distributed evenly. The mix was at the right temp, which is a tad warmer than luke warm. I had her lay on her side, infected ear facing up. Then with a dropper, I slowly dripped the mix into the her ear canal, filling it all the way to the top. I set my timer for five minutes and gently massaged around the outside of her ear while we waited. After five minutes, I had her place a small towel over her ear and flip over so the infected ear faced down and the mixture could drain out and while we waited for it to drain, I did the other ear as a preventive measure. The infected ear felt better almost immediately but she still couldn’t hear out of her ear. We placed a small amount of cotton in both ears to keep the air out and she went about her evening.

The next morning (very early) she woke me up asking me to do it again. She said she could hear a little better out of her ear but it was hurting again. As soon as I repeated the process and dripped the oil in her ear, the pain went away. A few hours later I looked in her ear with the scope and could see that it was looking a lot better! She said her hearing was steadily improving and the pain was gone!!

I am so thankful because my husband’s co worker had the same thing happen to her and she said she lost her hearing for a week!!

EO Ear Ache Relief Recipe


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