Essential Oils

Essential Oils


Have you heard a lot of talk about essential oils but find yourself lost in all the information? Don’t feel bad you are not alone! I always had questions about putting oils on “My what? or “My where?” Sound familiar? No worries, I had no idea where to start either! But I am not one to mince words so I am going to try my best to keep it all simple and straightforward and if you still feel lost after reading my posts, please ask questions! I love to share the knowledge I have learned over the years and if I don’t know the answer I am pretty darn good about hunting down information until I find the answer!

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So, you find an oil you think you want to use, you need to know where do you use it and all you can find is a bunch of big words you can’t pronounce? Let me help with that.

Your reading up on a great post about EOs (essential oils) and you have the very thing that you think the EO could help but as you read you find yourself wondering why can’t they just say “Rub some on your elbow and it solves all your problems?” Well sometimes it is that simple, but often it isn’t. Sometimes you need to know the big words and why they are important. If you want to just know where to put this stuff, below is the gist of it. But in case you are like me and have to always know WHY, I have also provided links about why that particular spot is helpful is your EO adventures!

So…. Let’s begin.

“Where is my solar plexus?”

The celiac plexus, also known as the solar plexus, is a complex network of nerves (a plexus) located in the abdomen. It is in back of the stomach and the omental bursa, and in front of the crura of the diaphragm, on the level of the first lumbar vertebra, L1. (source:

The way I understand it this spot is basically the center point where the most of your nerves branch through, split off, or merge. Applying an EO that is helpful to the nervous system to this spot is intended to reach the maximum number of nerves possible with one application. (Solar Plexus from


“Where are my adrenals?”
The adrenal glands (also known as suprarenal glands) are endocrine glands that sit at the top of the kidneys. (source:

The adrenal glands help to regulate many vital functions of the body. The adrenal glands produce hormones that help the body control blood sugar, burn protein and fat, react to stressors like a major illness or injury, and regulate blood pressure. That’s why applying an EO in this area could be highly beneficial to any issues controlled by the adrenals. (more:


”What is my lymphatic system?”
The lymphatic system is part of the circulatory system, comprising a network of lymphatic vessels that carry a clear fluid called lymph (from Latin lymphameaning water)[1]) directionally towards the heart. (source: The lymph system plays a crucial part in detoxification and the defense of the body and purification of the body fluids to maintain its proper functioning. (source:


So does that help you know where and why? I know the info helped me! So now you know the “science” behind how a substance on massaged into certain points on the body can help, let’s look at the specific oils, ways they can be used, and what great uses they have!

Essential oils can be used

  • topically on the skin (some may need to be applied with a carrier oil),
  • aromatically (through a diffuser or inhalation directly from the bottle or a drop on the hand and cupped over the nose),
  • internally (not all oils are recommended for ingestion but those that are can be taken in a veggie capsule or a drop under the tongue).


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Spark Naturals has great essential oils at affordable prices!!

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Along with informative links,  some posts contain affiliate links, thank you for supporting this blog and our family by purchasing through my links!

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