Oh Crappy Daze

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This is a new segment I wanted to start. Frankly, we all know not every day is rainbows and moonbeams. Honestly, THOSE types of days are few and far between, those absolutely amazing days… are the unicorns in life. Most days are the basic variety of fair days, you know, the ones where nothing great happened but nothing horrible either, just an ordinary day. I want to start writing about the other type of days. The days that happen way more often than our precious unicorn days but not as often as the fair days. I want to write about the crappy days in life. There are different levels of crappy but we can all testify that there are a lot of crappy days in life. And frankly, they don’t get enough credit. I mean if you think about it, these days are the ones where we get to see just what we are made of… how much “grit” we have. We get to use these days as emotional growth charts of a sort, I know if I had gone through some of the things I am going through ten years earlier, I would not have made it.

I believe God allows stuff to happen to us in life to strengthen our resolve and our faith. Life’s crappy days, help us realize how much we really have to lean on God and how much we need to stop trying to think we are an island unto ourselves. When we go through stuff, (though we don’t want to admit it) we really need others in our life to help. We need God more than ever because only through His grace and mercy can we survive some things life throws at us. We also learn we really do need friends and family to be supportive, to help, to just be there if we need a shoulder to cry on. God designed us that way, He said we are a body made up of many parts and these parts all need one another to function properly. It is comforting to me to know I am not alone. And I want you to know you are not alone either.

Everyone goes through storms in life, some people may be hit by “F5” tornados while others are hit by “F1” tornados, but no matter the size of your storm compared to others, anyone taking a direct hit from a tornado will come out with some kind of damage. I hope this segment of my blog will help others see how we have weathered our storms in life and survived and that it gives them hope.


Peace, love, and hope,
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