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Heritage Village

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Heritage Village

November 22, 2010

We noticed the other day coming back from Livingston State Park a place called Heritage Village in Woodville TX. I may have heard of it before but never really knew where it was until then. So we decided this would be our History trip this week. When we pulled up we noticed a school bus in the parking lot, my first thought was, “Oh No!” Don’t get me wrong, I am sure they were nice kids and all, but I like us to visit places and be basically the only ones there. Crowds seem to distract the kids and I like to read the History as we go because I am using it as a lesson. We headed to the Museum Store. We were fascinated by the Native American Artifacts. More Arrowheads than you can imagine. We also looked at a big cut-out from a tree that was over 400 years old. We discussed a bit of botany and how to tell the age of a tree. We talked about world events that were labeled on the annual circles. Very cool to think that this tree had been alive through all these things.

Thankfully the bus load of teens was leaving before we headed out to the village area, so we could enjoy our self without interruption. I really have to say I wished the memorabilia was better taken care of and cleaned and restored to its original glory but I assume limited funds are the cause.

We wander into the Pawn Shop/Dentist Office and have a look around. I suppose it is called a Pawn Shop because they put all manner of items that really didn’t fit into any other “shop”, there was everything from an old diving suit to dozens of eye glasses.

In the J.P.’s office, Anna was amazed by the old books in one case and Adam looked over the “heater”.

Then we looked at the Newspaper Office which was called the “Village Vidette.

The Livery Stable housed a “Penny-Farthing.” Anna says, “I believe I will stick with my bike!” The door had many types of Texas Barb Wire displayed. We all are suckers for a good buggy, probably more to do with my admiration of the Amish than this time period.

The Barber Shop was a shop we felt connected to a bit, Stewart’s dad was a barber in his day so we had to pose with some of the equipment just for Paw-paw.

Go directly to Jail! Stewart put on his best “The Shining” face and then we lock the two little ones in the jail cell. Adam is trying to “bust out” and Anna thinks her pouty lip will persuade the jailer to set her free. Stewart started touching the noose, I ask him, “What if it actually had been used to hang someone!” He decided touching it was not a good idea. At the Post Office, my husband was in his element. Of course, posing was required and Adam had to play Post Office with daddy.

Adam wanted so badly to “break in” to the Blacksmith shop to check out the tools. Of course, I said no. This front porch “Stage” was all Anna needed to start busting out in song and dance. (Well that is what it was used for so why not!) The old log house was pretty neat. The kids could see how small the houses used to be, maybe now they will not complain that their rooms are not big enough. The church was one of our favorites. My kids all “took their places” Adam on piano, Anna lead singer, and Austin my preacher. They seem to feel pretty relaxed in those roles, hmm I wonder? Adam “closes” the praise and worship service and takes his seat in the pews.

I inform Anna she is not Millard Martin. “I’m not?” she questions with all innocence. Austin is looking at “The Still” until I explain what it was. He is appalled and says it is time to move on. The kids find the later day version on the Ice Cream Truck and Austin saddled up next to the Amish-made wagon. There were way too many buggies in the barn to post all the pictures on here but it too was a favorite.

This is my favorite one, the school house. Stewart had to start ringing the bell until I begged him to stop. Adam and Anna both hop in a desk while Austin takes on the teacher role. Anna volunteered for the “spanking” picture. Stewart was being bad so I sit him in the corner with the DUNCE hat on. Austin liked how the back of one chair was the desk of the other and they had some really neat maps in here.

The “General Store” was nice. Adam runs over to the window and says, “Look, mom, it even has a drive thru!” I laugh and tell him back then there was no “drive thru’s” which embarrasses him. This old coffin was weird, it had a mirror inside it so when you looked in the small window you would see yourself as if you were the one in the coffin. That was creepy. I labeled this Doctor but I believe it was the dressmaker now that I look at it again. Adam had to thump the little girl, “Meany!” For some strange reason, we walk into a Saloon and all my kids act like drunks. At least, Anna looked the part of a Saloon girl for a second. “Ok, kids that are enough bad influence, let’s move on.” Adam and Anna try to climb up in the Hay Barn but I quickly tell them no, the thing looked as if it might fall on their heads at any moment.

We return to the store and Anna decides she wants a bonnet until she puts one on. Not as stylish as she had thought at first.

It was a nice trip. I have seen better but for a small town, this was not bad at all. We are usually so busy with Science I do not add in History trips so I am glad we went. The kids seemed to have a good time and that is all that matters.


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