This page is all about my family, I call it our “Life Journal.”

Our Life Journal page is personally my favorite place to visit because it holds my memories! I also want to share our adventures with all of you simply so you can get to know us a bit!


A few years ago, I blogged more like a journal of our life and I really miss that so I figured that I could dedicate a tab on my blog to our  life, our years, day by day or maybe month by month but either way I have a life journal to look back at the moments of our life.

I won’t be able to capture every moment but I want to capture as much of our life as I can. I want to find joy in the small things just as much as I do it the big things and I have found by writing my life events down, it helps me see what a wonderful life I truly have!


As a family, we love spending time together hiking, biking, birding, museums, parks, crafting, and photography to name a few of the things we adore!


Jan 2016



April 2016

May 2016














Passover 2010 3-29-10

The LORD Looketh on the Heart 8-23-10

Bugs, Birds, & Swiss Family Robinson 8-24-10

Blackforest Walkabout 10-27-10

Boykin Lake Mini-Hike 10-27-10

Tri-Birthday Party 11-01-10

Harvesting the Corn

Calhoun Point Trek

Our Creek

Habanero Gold

Ratcliff Lake Hike

~My Daddy~ Happy Veteran’s Day

Martin Dies Jr. State Park

Kirby Nature Trail

Livingston State Park

Heritage Village

Thanksgiving 2010

Mission Tejas

Hanukkah 2010

Oh Little Town of Bethlehem

Neither Wind Nor Cold…

Sam Rayburn Dam

Scrapbook 3_01

Sundew Trail

Scrapbook 4_01

Beech Woods Ticks

Scrapbook 4_07

A Gingy House and Cookies

Scrapbook 6_01

Texas Forestry Museum

Scrapbook 7_01


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