Biblical Feast Days

If you have never looked into the Biblical Feast days I highly recommend it, it is so beautiful to see our Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) in all the feasts!! With His first coming, He fulfilled the spring feasts and we celebrate in commemoration of those events, with His second coming He will fulfill the fall feasts and we celebrate those in anticipation, oh what a glorious day that will be!! This page is about when and how our family celebrates each day!! Information about the feast day itself will be linked to the feast days name. The few blogs I have written about our celebrations will be posted under each Feast Day along with the date!  I hope you enjoy seeing us grow in joy and knowledge over the years!

Many are very passionate about how they determine the Biblical feast day’s date and I completely understand. I believe in sighting the sliver of the new moon and counting it out to get the most Biblically appropriate date BUT this can often cause you to be celebrating alone or at different times than others. I can’t say to choose accuracy over unity because both are very important. All I can say is do your best and just observe the day the best you can, Abba knows our heart and intent is to obey Him but also to not forsake gathering ourselves together during these beautiful prophetic feasts. Choose which date you want to observe it on and “just do it.” We do not have to agree on when, I have full faith that Abba will convict our hearts differently when He is good and ready and we will eventually all line up where we should be according to HIS perfect will and timing, the most important this is that we are ready and WILLING to obey Him the best we can when He places conviction on our heart.

Feast Days
All Feast days begin the evening of the first day listed and ends the day of the last day listed. (Genesis 1:5)
For the sake of unity, I will post the date as found on HebCal which aligns with most calendars, to more accurately determine the date, you must sight the new moon sliver each month and count the appropriate days until the appointed day.

~Fall Feasts~

  • Feast of Trumpets
  • Day of Atonement
  • Feast of Tabernacles/Shelters/Harvest
  • The Eighth Day

~Spring Feasts~

Along with the Biblical Feast days of Leviticus 23, we also celebrate the sighting of the new moon (first sliver of the new moon that is seen in the sky) each month and holidays of Biblical victories like Purim & Hanukkah!

Hebrew Months start at the New Moon

1st Nisan
2nd Iyar
3rd Sivan
4th Tamuz
5th Av
6th Elul
7th Tishrei
8th Cheshvan
9th Kislev
10th Tevet
11th Shevat
12th Adar

Adar is the twelfth month of the Jewish calendar, occasionally it becomes “Adar II”  and the thirteenth month of the Jewish calendar because seven of the nineteen years in the cycle of the Jewish calendar are leap years. In those years, we add an extra Adar before the regular Adar. We call this extra month Adar I, and the regular Adar becomes Adar II.

“Keeping” the Feast Days of the Bible.


Other Celebrations


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