Unit Studies

A unit study is simply an extensive study of one topic (or unit) and the integration of all subjects (social studies, science, language arts, math, Bible, music, art, etc.) around that topic.

Unit Study
To accomplish this, we will be following the historical timeline and uniting the other subjects when and where I can in an attempt to have a well rounded and enjoyable high school education for my kids! We have no set time frames in which we are to complete each unit but I will jot down what we did each day as a guideline for how you could use the units. We plan to just study the topic until we have exhausted all of the avenues we have planned to study and explore where ever it takes us for however long it takes us or if we get bored with a topic we move on after the necessary things are taught.


The Units will go something like this:

I have teenage students so I will be using things focused on that age range. Feel free to look over the material and see if it could be suitable for younger students but that is not my primary focus at this time. In the future, I plan to go back through and add things for the younger grades as well.

Ancient History 4000 B.C. – 399 C.E.

In this section, I have made 20 Units which can span the 180 day/36 week school year. That would give you a week – week and a half per unit. I always suggest, if your child is interested then allow them extra time to explore the subject. We are not limited on the maximum days we school, only the minimum!

Young Earth World History:

Creation – 4000 B.C.


The First People – 4000 B.C.

The First People

Dinosaurs of Creation 4000 B.C.


The Flood – 2500 B.C. – 2300 B.C.

The Flood

Civilizations – 2500 B.C. – 2300 B.C.


World History:


Middle Ages 400 C.E. – 1300 C.E.


Early Modern Period 1400 C.E.- 1900 C.E.


Modern Era 1900 C.E. – Current


A great way to use Historical Unit Studies throughout the course of their school career is in the following repeated layout increasing in depth and difficulty as you progress through the grade levels. I plan to cover American and Texas(our state) History when it enters into the timeline!

Ancient History 4000 B.C.E – 399 C.E. for 1st,5th, 9th

Middle Ages 400 C.E. – 1499 C.E. for 2nd, 6th, 10th

Early Modern Period 1500 C.E.- 1900 C.E. for 3rd, 7th, 11th

Modern Era 1900 C.E. – Current for 4th, 8th, 12th




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