Dinosaurs of Creation – 4000 B.C. (Unit Study)


Dinosaurs of Creation

The Nile Mosaic of Palestrina


**We believe in “Young Earth Creationism” and teach from that viewpoint. In this section, we explore the idea that dinosaurs roamed the earth at the same time as humans. If you have an issue with these views feel free to skip over that particular material or the first few units that will discuss those views and move on down the timeline to a time period with less controversy. Thanks!




  1. Read Job 40:15-24 and Job 41
  2. Dinosaurs and the Bible



Read these interesting articles:

  1. Dinosaurs and Humans
  2. Mesopotamian Monsters in Paris
  3. History’s Evidence of Dinosaurs and Men
  4. Ancient Dinosaur Depictions


Answers in Genesis

  1. Dinosaurs and the Bible
  2. What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs?
  3. Why Don’t We Find Human & Dinosaur Fossils Together?
  4. Did Dinosaurs Turn Into Birds?
  5. How Can We Use Dinosaurs to Spread the Creation Gospel Message?
  6. Dinosaurs
  7. Discovery:Chronology of Discoveries


  1. What kinds of  geographical landscapes have dinosaur fossils been found?
  2. What types of climates ( Study Intro to Climates) ?
  3. Print out a world map (HERE) Make a map legend and label diverse landscapes and climates and several dinosaur discoveries within those parameters.
  4. Dinosaur Bones in America (Interactive map)


This subject is not necessarily “theme” based but I will have at least one section that ties in the theme.

  1. Math in Archaeology  Using this knowledge measure your own steps and calculate your height, was it close?
  2. Factoring. Do the Free Exercises and Worksheets for this lesson.
  3. Khan Academy exercises Factor Pairs (Lessons and practice)
  4. Play Around Time Factors – Millionaire Game
  5. Prime Factorization.
  6. Khan Academy exercises  Prime Factorization (Lessons and practice)
  7. Play Around Time Prime Factorization Game

Language Arts

the study of grammar, composition, spelling, and (sometimes) public speaking,


English Grammar 101 learn about pronouns.


Read Job 40:15-24 and Job 41 , list and label the pronouns and diagram a few scriptures. I use Sentence Diagrammer App for Windows to check work.


  1. Learn how to debate (HERE)  (Language Arts)
  2. Debate the following question: Were dinosaurs living at the same time as humans?


  1. Cite evidence Learn how to cite (HERE) Use this program to check your citations: EasyBib.
  2. Need to know how to write an essay? Watch THIS.
  3. The Question: **Were dinosaurs living at the same time as man? Explore both sides of the idea, pick a side to stand on, and back it up including scriptural evidence.


  1. Keep a vocabulary notebook and write down and define words you do not know!
  2. SAT Vocabulary Lists in Alphabetical Order (work through the list at 5 words a day) Try to use them in sentences about dinosaurs.

Vocabulary in other subjects:

  1. Geography terms
  2. Genres of Literature



Cursive Practice Verses in Job 40:15-41 Use This Cursive Generator to create a worksheet!



  1. Bible Reading Job 40:15-41
  2. Genres of Literature. Pick a genre, use it to express an idea about Dinosaurs.


Extra reading suggestions for this time era:

Adam and His Kin: The Lost History of Their Lives  {aff link} (Chapter 5-7)




  1. Learn about Taxonomy (HERE)
  2. Practice Dinosaur Taxonomy, look at the facts (HERE) chart them into groups (Taxonomy Classifying Sheet)
  3. Watch this Disney Documentary  Dragons or Dinosaurs: Creation or Evolution (1:06 hrs)

Life Skills

  1. Sewing Easy Dino Stuffed Toy Make a few and give away to kiddos you know!
  2. Cooking
    Learn How to Decorate Cookies with this cute T-Rex Cookie Tutorial
    Tea “Cake” Recipe make it Dinosaur themed by lightly pressing the footprint of a toy dinosaur into the dough before baking!
  3. Outdoorsman
    Job 41:1 “Can you draw out Leviathan with a fishhook or press down his tongue with a cord?
    Fishing Basics


Other Languages

  1. Look at Paleo-Hebrew Script  Try to decipher these picture from The Los Lunas Decalogue Stone. Remember Hebrew reads from right to left.
  2. Learn a Language:
    Online Free Spanish

Learn a Language for free! 


  1. Listen to the music of the Neanderthal Bone Flute More about the flute (HERE)

Arts & Crafts

Art Appreciation

  1. Study: Art Mediums
  2. Prehistoric Painters
  3. Try it… use carbon and spit to paint on a rock!


  1. Make a free at WordPress Blog and blog about the topics you learn about each unit! (English Writing)
  2. Make a video, edit, and Post it to YouTube! Ours is Oh Happy Daze’s Channel! Maybe make your own dinosaur documentary!

Field Trip Ideas

  1. Find a nearby Museum of Natural History that includes paleontology  (Science) Print another (Taxonomy Classifying Sheet) to take along and practice classifying.
  2. Go to a nearby dinosaur dig site like the Waco Mammoth National Monument Use this travel log (For Waco site only) (Science)


The Stone Age (YouTube Videos from AllHistories 15 part series on the Stone Age)



Always be willing to further explore any topics your child shows interest in!!!

I hope you enjoy our unit study!!

Have a blessed time learning!



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