Happy Daze of May 2016

May was a month full of growth…

May 2016

May 2nd

Oh, the wonderful vision of my children praying for one another and others. I am so glad to say that my kiddos are still going strong at the house church. They have finally found a church that truly loves them and accepts them and makes them feel at home. A place where they can not only find fellowship but can grow in the Word and in the Spirit. Or as God put on my heart me, “In spirit and in truth.”

John 4:24  God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.

This prayer of mine has finally been answered. I am thankful.


May 4th

May was a beautiful spring oasis! Sunflowers were blooming, bees were buzzing, the garden was growing, ladybugs were working hard, and the grass always needed mowing!


May 8th

For Mother’s Day, my hubby wanted to buy me a mother’s ring. He liked the caged rings that have the stones inside and I like the “Tree of Life” design. We had two opals for my boys and a topaz birthstone for my girl carefully placed inside to be protected by the tree of life! The finishing touch was my kiddos names engraved on the inside of the ring. I am very pleased with my ring! I only wish I had gotten gold instead of silver so the opals would have shown up better but the meaning is what makes me happy not the contrast. My kids brought me flowers, I sure do love those little stinkers!

Mom's Day

May 13

May is a great month for birding! We had Cowbirds, Cardinals, Chickadees, Wrens, Finches, and humming birds all visit our feeders.  We even had the chance to help out a fledging Blue-Jay!


May 14th

The evangelist at the house church noticed that my kids were fairly different than most kids she meets and when my oldest told her that we homeschool, she said, “Ah, that must be it!” She told my daughter she wanted to meet the momma of these kids. So Anna talked me into going to a lady’s meeting. It was a lovely evening of fellowship, prayer, reading the Word, and talking about the issues that women deal with everyday that originated all the way back in the Garden of Eden with Eve … and of course meeting the lovely evangelist. I am very glad I went, I learned a lot and my fire for God was rekindled.

Ladies meeting

May 20th

My husband and I attended a Marriage Retreat at the house church the week after the ladies’ meeting. It was so good and so much to it you will just have to go to that separate blog and read all about it. Sorry to say it is long!

Our “Egg-Cellent” Love Marriage Retreat

Eggcellent Love
While my hubby and I was at the marriage retreat the kids fellowshipped with the youth. The first night they gathered to watch movies and play around outside some and the second day they went to Boykin Springs to hike, picnic, and swim! They had a blast! I am so very thankful they are socializing and making good quality friends through the church!

Youth Group

May 24th

Our “first fruits” of our garden! About 10 quarts of green beans and one squash! I battered some for fried green beans and blanched and froze the others. Nothing better than homegrown!

First Harvest 2016

May 28th

Austin has worked part time in the deli at the local grocery store for about 11 months now. I am happy to announce he was recently promoted to Grocery manager, more pay and full time! I am so proud of him and happy he is doing well at his job! He is a good person with a great work ethic.

Aust Manager

May 30th

An early Father’s Day gift for my hubby! He happily grilled for us and my sister’s family on Memorial Day. It was nice to set around and talk to family about all the glorious things God was doing in our lives lately.


May 31st

And the best is for last! Our second great niece was born on the last day of May!! Maddelynn Ruth was born at 11:01 pm weighing in at 8.7lb and 20 1/12″ long!!!!! We were excited to get to go meet this beautiful little addition to the family! Congrats to our Nephew Josh and Niece Noell Husband!!


Love and Blessings,


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