One of my favorite online resources is a site called Turtle Diaries!!  They have lessons, videos, worksheets and educational games ranging from K-5th grade!

English Grammar 101

Some fun to go along with English Grammar 101…
We do the lesson then play a game! With many choices of games for each topic learned, your kiddo will not get bored with the “same ol’ thing” every day!! Just pick a game that corresponds best with that days lesson and have fun!
Module 1, Lessons 1-14 Verbs

~Oh Happy Daze Worksheets~

Madlibs – verbs Princess and the Pea

~Online Games~
Verbs in Space  – verb identification
Verb Games from Turtle Diary  – a variety of interactive verb games
Pick-It Verbs Game – action verb identification
Present Simple Verb “to be”  – practice using the present simple of the verb ‘to be’



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