Social Studies – Typical Course of Study

Social Studies 5th
* Exploration and discovery
* Establishment of settlements in the New World
* Colonial life in America
* Pioneer life in America
* Revolutionary War in America
* Westward movement in America
* Industrial and cultural growth
* Democracy’s principles and documents
* Life in the U. S. and its possessions
* Geography of the U. S.
* Natural resources of the U. S.
* Canada and Mexico
* Relationship between the U. S. and Canada
* Comparative cultures of Canada
* Countries and cultures of the Western Hemisphere: Central America, West Indies, South America
* Map and globe skills

Social Studies 6th
* Global and regional studies
* Countries and cultures of Africa, Latin America, Asia, Australia, the Pacific, and Europe
* Native American cultures
* The Roman Empire
* Relationships among nations: customs, traditions and beliefs, political and economic systems
* United Nations
* Milestones in human achievement
* Transportation and communication
* World trade
* Citizenship and social responsibility
* World geography
* Map and globe skills
Social Studies 7th
* Lands and peoples of the Eastern Hemisphere
* Prehistoric peoples
* Greek, Roman, and Middle Eastern civilizations
* The Middle Ages
* Renaissance and Reformation
* Scientific Revolution
* Age of Reason (Enlightenment)
* Industrial Age
* Yesterday and today around the world: Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Australia, and the Pacific
* World trade and resources
* Contemporary problems and issues
* Environment
* World geography
* Advanced map and globe skills

Social Studies 8th
* Our African, Asian, and European backgrounds
* Exploration and discovery
* Growth and development of the United States
– Colonial life
– Struggle for independence
– U. S. Constitution and Bill of Rights
– Westward movement in America
– American Civil War
– Reconstruction
– U. S. as a world power
* Meaning of democracy
* Our American culture
* U. S. political system
* U. S. economic system
* U. S. government
* U. S. geography
* Advanced map and globe skills

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