History Timeline

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When studying History, I have found that taking a more “UNschool” approach works best for our family. So what I am doing is compiling a large “hub” of links to various sites that will help educate the children on that particular time period.
I then tell my children to study their choice of History topic or time era for (at least) 30 minutes then come “narrate” back to me what they have learned.

In this “hub” I am including everything from links to YouTube documentaries to interactive sites where they can play around with ideas for crafts and activities and field trips!

I hope you and your child enjoy the ideas, activities and information as much as we do!

For Great History Textbooks go to ChristianBook.com


To find out what the typical course of study is for your grade level go to Worldbook.com

Just click the time period you would like to study!!

World History

Ancient History

4000 B.C.E – 399 C.E.


Middle Ages

400 C.E. – 1499 C.E.


Early Modern Period

1500 C.E.- 1900 C.E.


Modern Era

1900 C.E. – Current


U.S. History

1500s – current


Texas History

1500s – 1700s



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