Happy Daze of June 2016

June 2016

June 2nd

My baby girl decided to be Baptized today! The house church family has led her to God in such a beautiful way! They have made her feel so loved and cherished, so special. And the lady evangelist, lovingly called “Anna’s other momma,” has been such a blessing to her that Anna insisted she be there at her baptism. So after two postponements earlier in the week, Anna got baptized at the evangilist’s going-away party surrounded by family and church family!

After the baptism, everyone went inside to eat and fellowship one more time before the evangelist had to go back to Ohio. As Anna said her tearful “good-byes” cradled in her arms, she leaned over to me and said, “Thank you for sharing your daughter with me.” “No, Thank you!… For everything.”
It was a tear-filled goodbye for most of us. We anxiously await her return.


June 6th

As life goes on so does the mundane frequent car repairs on the mail Jeep. Anna helped her daddy repair the transmission coolant lines. She is quite the little mechanic. She can get under that Jeep and fit into places her daddy can’t. I am so proud of her and thankful she isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. She is quite proud of herself because she went around to everyone telling how she fixed her daddy’s Jeep.

car repairs2

June 10th

The heat finally made it to Texas and with that, the pool had to be set up! The kids were very happy to be able to spend their days playing around in the water. I was happy because it gave me some much needed quiet time to get busy planning their next school year.


June 11th

Friends from church invited them to a birthday party. Anna was the only girl there so she decided it wasn’t a good idea to get on the big slide with all those boys. Instead, she spent her time (after taking some pictures for me) playing with Nerf guns with her host and one of the older boys. Both kids said they had a great time! My heart is happy my children have friends!


June 18th


My hubby planted most of our garden with purple hull peas (our favorite) so when they start ripening in abundance it is time to pull out our Pea Sheller! This saves us from split dried purple stained fingers!!! Love seeing all his hard work processed and stored away in our freezer!!


Father’s Day Gathering

The church had a Father’s Day BBQ gathering!! We had such a blast!! We ate delicious BBQ brisket, visited, laughed and had such a wonderful time fellowshipping, while others played volleyball, horseshoes, washers, and a favorite the “CornHole Game!!” I am so blessed to have found such a wonderful group of people!!


June 19th

My son was riding around with a friend at night and was headed back across the big bridge that joins our town with the neighboring town across Lake Sam Rayburn. All of a sudden right before he got to the bridge, a tree fell right in front of his truck. Needless to say, he hit it and tore up his truck pretty good. It was by the grace of God alone that he didn’t flip his truck and his friend and he didn’t get even a scratch. The truck took a bit of a beating, enough that the insurance deemed it a “total loss’. The strange thing is, the very same morning my husband and I had gone to the neighboring town to visit his dad’s grave and hubby noticed a tree leaning out toward the road and made a comment about, “That tree is going to fall.” Well, it did, right in front of our son.


June 24th

My Sister Barbie’s 50th Birthday Party

My oldest sister turned “Fun, Foxy & Fifty” this year!! I think she was afraid we would do a gag party and go with the “old” theme like we did with my brother-in-law but we would never do that to a lady!! Instead, her favorite color is pink so we decorated in pink, black, and burlap with handmade mason jar centerpieces accented with feathers and flowers. She loved it!! I made her a handmade card out of some of the décor so she would have a keepsake!

Most of the family was there with the exception of our dad who was not feeling well and her adult son who was out of state. But we loved having everyone that could come together to celebrate with her. We had fajita nachos, red velvet cake, and cookie cake! It was nice to see her celebrated and happy!


June 26th

More Harvesting

Hubby has more peppers and tomatoes that we know what to do with!! Peppers are being diced and frozen (my preferred way to keep them) and the tomatoes, well I am honestly trying to give them away rather than have to put them up. I am so not in the mood to can anything this year.


Pool Time with their cousin!

After church, the kids’ cousin came over and ate dinner with us and went swimming with the kids in the pool, tons of “horse playing” and wrestling. Anna had her cousin hold up an innertube while she dove through it! I compared her to a dolphin and him an animal trainer! They had a great time!


Between church, the pool, and harvesting we stayed pretty busy this month! The joys of summer time!!

Love and Blessings,


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