Boykin Lake Mini-Hike

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Boykin Lake Mini-Hike

October 17, 2010

A beautiful fall day we opted to go for a mini hike around Boykin Springs area. We love going walking in nature, I always try to print out an outdoor scavenger hunt list. Here is a link to one of many lists you can google online or make up your own if you have the time to include different things in your area.

This time, I printed one list and we all looked for the items but you can also print separate lists and do it as a race but I think that the kids get to caught up in “winning” instead of enjoying.

So I was the official list keeper and cameraman (err… woman). We took pictures of flowers and insects,

lizards, and minnows,

mosses and leaves.

We spent time discussing the items we have studied in our botany class and promising to Google the things we didn’t recognize  when we get home. We walked investigating the wonderful world GOD created for us. If you can walk in nature and not see GODs handy work in every little detail then I feel for you, it is a solid reminder that the world was created by a Master Craftsman and there is no way possible we “evolved”.

To watch my children completely engaged in nature and the excitement you never catch on their faces when in front of a TV screen, I am assured we are making beautiful memories.

Collage of our day

The top two pics to the left are of the dry creek bed we came across.

The two pics to the top right is some kind of wild wheat I presume.

Large pic to the left middle is Boutin Lake which we walked around.

A pic of me with the kids and a pic with my hubby with them.

A pic of changing leaves, purple flower, fence post lizard, yellow flowers, & a spiny orb weaver.

We had a picnic lunch at the nearby picnic shelter.

An idea was brought up that we needed to build a shelter like this on our property. I quickly reminded them that we had an arbor that is much the same as this.

Adam is enjoying his turkey sandwich but would still like to have a BIG arbor like this. He tells how there would be room for a living room and bedrooms. Once again I have to say no.

Austin quickly reminds me that teenagers do not like pictures taken when they have food in their mouth.

Anna is enjoying her apple very much, she doesn’t mind one bit that I take her picture.

We had a wonderful day on our hike and picnic. I can’t wait to go again, next time we will go to a different place, just to keep it interesting.


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