Happy Daze of April 2016


April Showers brings…

April 2016

Flooding! Sadly, we didn’t get out on too many adventures this month due to all the lovely rain that we East Texans received. Here are some pictures hubby took while on his mail route this month. Too often he has to re-route his route to get the mail delivered!



April 2nd

With the kids at their cousins, hubby and I took advantage of the day and headed out to a nice biking trail. We stopped and had a picnic in a nearby town and  noticed they were having a Dogwood Festival so we decided to look around. We walked by vendors and food carts and loved seeing the classic cars! We then headed on our to do our biking! I really enjoyed being carefree and not having to be anywhere at any particular time, causally just deciding “Let’s do this” and do it!  I think I am looking forward to our post-child rearing era of our lives!



April 5th

Sibling rivalry at its best… Anna was told by her big bro that she “Wasn’t allowed to drive his truck.” What he didn’t think about was that we have his spare key! So naturally, we let her sneak into his truck while he was at work and drive it to the farthest corner of the parking lot as a prank! She was thrilled… him, not so much. We spent the rest of the evening letting Anna drive our truck down to the local lakeside park for the practice and then we went walking around the camping loops just for some fun and exercise. Anna tends to like to ride more than walk… even if it is riding her little brother.



April 6th

Hubby and the kids have been busy with the garden! Purple hull peas, tomatoes, squash, peppers, green beans, potatoes, and I don’t remember what else hubby has out there but they have been busy getting it all in the ground! I was happy to see the ladybugs are back this year doing their best to keep the bad bugs away from our plants and trees!



April 7th

Nothing like enjoying a beautiful day at the state park on our bikes! Getting your heart pumping, wind blowing in your face, looking around at the deer and squirrels that are abundant in the park are some of my favorite things to do!



April 9th

We took the kids to the park for a picnic and playtime. I am always glad to see them finally loosen up and just have fun. Now that they are teens they aren’t as ‘carefree” as they used to be. But sometimes, when no one else is looking, they just let go and have fun being kids again. Jumping out of the swings have always been an exciting challenge. This time, they were trying to look like ninja’s flying through the air as they took flight from their swings. We finished up our outing with a little one on one basketball with their daddy. Nothing makes me smile like seeing my hubby playing with his kids.



April 15th

April is always a busy birding month! All of the lovely birds begin their trek back north after the winter is over. I set on my front porch and just wait and watch in hopes to catch a glimpse of one of our migrators. Most of the birds are locals (Cardinals, Red-Bellied Woodpeckers, Cowbirds) but sometimes, I am blessed and get to see something unique like the Indigo Bunting (lower left.)



April 18th

It was a perfect day to go “wildflower hunting.”  We went to what hubby calls, “The boy scout lake” and hiked around, looking at the huge pinecones and the mostly fish-less mineral water, taking pictures of the flowers along the way! We then let the kids ride the tailgate as we drove along the back road hunting more flowers. We stopped when we spotted flowers, they would jump off the tailgate and take a picture… of course, they would end up sitting (or rolling around) in the middle of the road while getting their picture but when there is barely any traffic, it really doesn’t matter… it is the privilege of living in the country.



April 23rd

A local state park was hosting a Folk Festival with re-enactors showing us how early Texas settlers lived. We use these opportunities as homeschool field trips! We learned about Civil War Ambulances, Surveying, Dying fabrics with plants, Pioneer life, and our favorite, The Buffalo Soldiers! We had a really good time, I love Historical re-enactments!



After the folk festival, we headed back toward home to celebrate our grand-nieces 1st birthday! I love seeing family and getting sweet baby time! Other than the fact baby girl was sick and cried when we all sang the happy birthday song to her, it was a great party!



April 24th

The kids were with their cousin, so hubby and I went riding around the lake in his Jeep with the top off. The day started out really great, we happened across a fella that had his truck stuck down some back road. I think he would have been there for quite some time if we hadn’t happened along. With a little effort, we got him pulled out and he was very thankful, giving us both a hug of gratitude! It always makes me feel good when I can help someone out!  As we drove around we came upon a car stopped in the middle of the road with all the doors hanging open. It didn’t look like anyone was in the car and we were not planning on setting there waiting for whoever to wander back to their car so hubby (forgetting it had rained a lot this April and that his 4-wheel drive was not working) took to the ditch to go around the stopped car. Next thing we know, we were the ones stuck. The people (who were actually in the car waiting for others to relieve themselves in the nearby woods) tried to help un-stick us by physically pushing the Jeep but we didn’t budge. I thanked them (a bit annoyed because they were kind of the reason we were stuck) and I sent them on their way as I called for Austin to bring us our truck. With the truck pulling us out, we were out in just a minute. Annoyed at the whole situation, we headed home. Hubby, trying to have a positive attitude, decided to give it another try so we headed back out riding around.

He reminded me that just because you have a bad moment doesn’t mean you have to consider it a bad day, get past the moment and embrace your day with joy.



All three of my kiddos started going to a house church with their cousin and I would have to say, looking at the pictures that a friend took, it is going well.  These kiddos are all huddled in a prayer circle for each other along with their cousin and a couple friends. I had thought about going too but I keep feeling that this is something my kids need to do on their own, for now. With them all being teens, they need to feel in control of certain aspects of their own life and their walk with God is a big one. I decided not to “tag along” in hopes that I don’t hinder their progress since at this age there is more resistance to something if the parents are involved. So I just wait, watch, and pray that one day they will actually ask me to come because they want me there.
I pray they keep seeking God with all their might and He will direct their paths. A happy ending to April indeed!


Love and Blessings,


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