Looking Back at 2013 – Part 2

Around two years ago I stopped blogging. Living life seemed to get in the way of blogging about it. For a little while, I tried to play catch up and managed to get a half of 2012 blogged but it was lacking the luster of blogging about current events. I hate the idea of having “time gaps” on my blog so I will play catch up with one blog each year, hitting the highlights for 2012 and 2013 rather than blogging each event.

So here is “Looking Back at 2013!”


“Part 2”



Fun along the shores of Lake Sam Rayburn, Adam playing in the water, Austin with his “hobo jug” he found, and with her “Love Rock.”


The Rookery… Rosette Spoonbill Fight, Great Egret Nest, Great Blue Heron


Walking down a gnarly path. A lot of birds to see! Adam had to ditch the binoculars to climb a tree!

High Island Birding Sanctuary Our first time to the Rookery!


Whistling Ducks and Austin took a great pic of a Great-Tailed Grackle.


A great playground and picnic area at the Fort Travis Seashore Park…


Always fun when you can play in the ocean!


Shore Birds!


Mission Tejas had the “leftovers” from a reenactment that we got to check out


But then we geocached with the Cortez Crew and the backhoe playground equipment is always a favorite.

025090016013052Canon 016Canon 047canon 069

I found more “new” birds in my own yard than I did at the High Island Bird Sanctuary



Redecorated My Classroom complete with Becky Made “Button Push Pins” and Recovered Corkboard to match!


Mother’s Day Flowers, a bird feeder that Stewart and Adam (and Austin & Anna) helped make, a new feeder, craft turntable, and new office chair…I am blessed!

canon 025nikon 029nikon 044canon 031canon 027 (2)

Forestry Museum Lufkin Texas

nikon 004nikon 011nikon 021nikon 020

Pentecost! Wild Flowers to represent the tradition that when the Torah was given the Mt Sinai Bloomed Eating cheese and reading (or watching) the book of Ruth are also traditions!

024034nikon 072nikon 073 (2)nikon 074 (2)

Memorial Day Presentation (The back of our heads was on the news LOL) and a balloon release… dedicated my balloon to my Uncle Pat!

nikon 015nikon 019nikon 021nikon 049 (2)

The Naranjo Museum of Natural History

canon 011 (2)canon 013 (2)canon 016canon 017 (2)nikon 004

Edison Museum Beaumont Texas

canon 028canon 029 (2)canon 040canon 067nikon 022nikon 042 (2)

Fire Museum of Texas

canon 089 (2)canon 091 (2)canon 096nikon 130




Jibby was abandoned and we let Adam keep her!

aust 8x10anna8x10adam8x10stewbec8x10

2013 Portraits!

That is the 2nd part of 2013…


About Becky Husband

Becky is a Hebraic Christian homeschool mom blogger that lives on a small farm in Deep East Texas. When she isn't homeschooling her kids, she is busy documenting her family's life on her blog. In her blog, she writes about her faith, family, homeschooling, and homesteading. She also shares the family's abundance of hobbies such as geocaching, hiking, biking, birding, nature photography, and most recently her art! She is always eager to answer any questions others may have so feel free to leave comments and inquiries!

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