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Looking Back at 2013 – Part 2

Around two years ago I stopped blogging. Living life seemed to get in the way of blogging about it. For a little while, I tried to play catch up and managed to get a half of 2012 blogged but it was lacking the luster of blogging about current events. I hate the idea of having “time gaps” on my blog so I will play catch up with one blog each year, hitting the highlights for 2012 and 2013 rather than blogging each event.

So here is “Looking Back at 2013!”


“Part 2”
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By the Sea Side

By The Sea Side
April 14-15, 2012

We have so many hobbies and things we like to do it is always neat when we can incorporate a couple together on an outing.
We were getting close to our 200th find on Geocaching and I wanted to make it a memorable find. We also had taken up “birding” recently and this was migration season. So what do geocaching birders do? They go find a geocache at the Smith-Oaks Bird Sanctuary. My in-laws had been wanting us to come to their beach house for a visit so hubby took the day off and we headed to the ocean a little early so that I could go check out what a birding sanctuary was (and get that geocache!)
We geocached a little on our way down because we still have a couple to find before hitting 200!

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