The LORD Looketh on the Heart

Sunday School today was kinda rough for me. My  teacher brought up how he had trained his dog to obey. Well, this past Tuesday we laid my best friend, Foxy, to rest.

Rest in Peace my faithful friend, I will miss you.

The good Lord had answered my prayer that He take her rather than let her suffer from the heartworms that had made her so sick, but it was heartbreaking for me to lose my friend.

The lesson was that at first he had to put a choke collar on his dog and teach it to heel. Then eventually, he could let it off the chain and just say the word heel and the dog would mind. Through obedience came freedom.

All I could think about was how Foxy didn’t apply to that idea. She was a rescue dog and had been abused as a puppy. When we first had gotten her, she would shriek if she thought someone was going to touch her. I would coax her and talk sweet to her until she learned to trust me. Only by having the love for her and understanding what she had been through did I get anywhere with her.

It was love and patience and understanding that changed her into my best friend. She didn’t do things for me out of fear of being punished but because she loved me so much she wanted to please me. She would freak out if a chain was put on her, I assume that went back to her abuse, but it wasn’t something we could do to her. Granted she was no show dog, hunting dog, or herd dog. She didn’t win any ribbons or trophies for me to show off to my friends equating her worth. She just simply loved me.

She always wanted to be by my side, because she loved me. If I sat down outside anywhere she was by my side. If I hadn’t noticed she was beside me she would daintily place her little foot on me as if to say “Mom, I am here, please love me.”

If I was in the house sitting somewhere, often times she was beneath me under the house… whichever room I was in, she was under. I suppose she could hear my voice to know where I was. When I left in the car and came home, she met me at the gate, yipping with glee that I was home, to let me know she missed me. She nipped playfully at my fingertips to say “hello”.  You see she wasn’t trained to obey, she was shown how to love and through that love for me, she was my friend, not a servant. Granted she obeyed the rules not to go out in the road or to do things that were not approved of like chasing the cats but all I had to do was scold her in a firm tone. She hated to disappoint me, she would drop her head and tuck her tail and come to me as if to say “I am sorry mom, forgive me.”

You see there was a difference in the way my dog was obedient and how my teachers dog was obedient. I am not saying what he said was wrong, I am only saying there is different ways to teach and different learning styles depending on the background and history of the one being taught.

I thank GOD that (1Samuel 16:7) …  the LORD seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the LORD looketh on the heart. I also thank GOD that HE knows exactly what we need to be where we need to be in HIM!



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  1. The following were comments posted on Facebook:Pamela Kendrick~ likes this.Adrienne Machann~ Wow, the sermon tonight was over how man looks on the outside but God looks on the heart. :)Sunday at 9:00pm Pamela Kendrick~ i loved your story and you so right. not all of us learn the same way or at the same pace. I thank God that he knows when we are ready to know more and learn. we should never expect some one to be in the same level with God as us . we all learn at different times and paces. thank God that he is in charge…Sunday at 9:21pm Becky McGee Husband~ thanks Pam… GOD knows what it is going to take for each one of us to get to where we need to be in HIM… my SS teacher said once … we all leave our house and take different roads to get to church on Sunday but we all end up at the same place… same is our walk in GOD… what is going to move me ..may not move you as deeply and vice versa… but GOD knows exactly what “buttons” to push to get us each to move!!!Sunday at 10:17pm · Charles Capps~ Have mercy…..that's just what our Pastor preached on last night.Monday at 7:59am · Becky McGee Husband~ guess that is the current message GOD is wanting to be preached huh ;o)Monday at 8:19am ·

  2. So true Bec. This is a wonderful illistration of how God works he wins our trust through Love and Patience.. not by beating us into submission…

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