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Toms or Hens? Sexing Turkeys

Toms or Hens? Sexing Turkeys

When I went to pick out my poults, I had never sexed a turkey chick before. I looked up the basics online but a lot of it was guess work. The man I bought them from would not tell me which was which because he didn’t want to have favoritism buying (basically us buying up all his hens leaving him with only Thanksgiving dinner candidates). We had to point at which ones we wanted, and he would box them up for us and if we didn’t know what we were doing, well then, that was our problem. (kind of harsh huh!)

Sexing Turkeys

I am glad I had researched a bit online beforehand so I would know that the hens would have a more triangular shaped head and the toms a more boxy head before we came. (I research everything!)

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Turkeys and “Blackhead” Disease

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Turkeys and “Blackhead” Disease

Several years ago my neighbor had some turkey poults and I just had to have a cute baby turkey! My largest tom I lovingly named “Turk.” He would sit on my lap and snatch mosquitos off of me before they could start biting, he would cluck at me and follow me around like I was the leader of the flock. I spent my evenings just watching my birds. Much to my dismay, my sweet Turk died from unknown causes at about 8 months old. I suspect it could have been “Black Head”, a form of histomoniasis which is transmitted by the protozoan parasite Histomonas meleagridis.

Turkeys and Backhead Disease

I decided at that point I didn’t know enough about turkeys to raise them and gave up.

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Guard Dog Patrol

The other night I was up late and my dog, Kelev ,  started barking. I stepped out onto the porch to listen, the neighborhood was alive with dogs yelping and barking but then I heard the creepiest thing I have heard so far on our property, I wasn’t sure if it was a dog yelping in pain or a cat yowling in a fight, but whatever it was, the dogs around did not like it and neither did I. I went and woke up my husband to come listen.


Wouldn’t you know, as soon as my husband steps onto the porch, it never made another sound.

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Caught on Camera

I have a game camera in my barn yard, just to get funny pictures of the animals as they go about their day.


Example””: Goat photo bomb of the day!
Haddie bounding around the yard, and the hens looking at her like, “What’s your problem!?”

Well to day it proved to be a bit more useful.

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Turkey Poults

Several years ago, we had a few turkeys we had obtained from a neighbor. I just loved my big ol’ male turkey named “Turk!” He would sit in my lap and peck mosquitoes before they ever had a chance to land on me. He’d follow me around hoping for a rub or a pat and maybe a snack. He was just like a big feathered pup.  Sadly, he died and I have not had another turkey since, that is until now!

IMG_3433I am pretty excited to see if I can have another feathered buddy to follow me around the yard!

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