Caught on Camera

I have a game camera in my barn yard, just to get funny pictures of the animals as they go about their day.


Example””: Goat photo bomb of the day!
Haddie bounding around the yard, and the hens looking at her like, “What’s your problem!?”

Well to day it proved to be a bit more useful.

As I clicked through the images deleting boring or blurry pictures I started to notice soda cans being strewn around the yard.


(In your best investigative police voice think) “At 1:27 PM on the afternoon of April 26th the barn yard is as it should be, a few feathers and sticks.  The guinea fowl appear to be “protecting and serving“ nearby hens efficiently.”

“Now notice exactly four hours later, the liter is found on the ground near the not-so-innocent looking goat, a,k,a Haddie . The hens are going about their normal routine, guinea fowl nowhere to be seen.” This absence of law enforcement is probably why things got out of hand.

”Upon closer inspection at the scene , it appears something large must have jumped onto a nearby soda can recycling bag knocking it over and spilling out the cans.”  I believe the camera caught the suspect right after the crime had been committed.  Upon seeing the crime scene I believe the litter was an accident but I did get the suspect on disorderly conduct unbecoming a…. oh yeah wait, goats act like that don’t they… hmmm carry on then.” (Yes, I do watch to many cop shows on TV)

So, yeah, basically I got stuck cleaning up the cans again and the goat got off with a scratch (behind the ears!)

So while I was out in  the barnyard, I gathered eggs, cleaned and refilled water troughs, and added fresh hay to the nesting boxes.

Henny Penny had to hop up in the nest and see what I had done and given her “hen peck of approval!”


I cleaned out the chicks hay and refilled the water and feed. Happy hungry chicks! The cage has a two-inch lift so the droppings fall through onto a puppy pad which helps keep the area they walk, clean longer and I only have to change out the nest hay every other day.


Snow thinks she needs to see things from a different perspective!


The roosters we obtained from hubby’s coworker are settled in nicely and Hen-Pecked and Bertha are finally cohabitating  well.
These fully enclosed runs  are along two sides of our main garden plot which helps keep rabbits out and the chickens help keep the insects and weeds down along the edges of the garden.

The garden is coming along nicely, although we could use a good rain.  Cattle panels are placed along the tomato row to support them as they grow. Hubby also used an idea he saw on Pinterest  to use tires as gardening beds.

Hubby is “hard at it” in the pea patch almost every evening, hoeing and weeding the rows, making sure the pea sprouts have the best chance to get the nutrients they need to grow the best veggies!

Farm living is the life for me… ♪♫♪♫

Blessings to you,


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