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A Day on the Farm

Sunday we slept in, well I say we slept in, I had been up really early with my daughter and her new puppy, a little Bassett Hound pup. He is a cute little thing, but like any newborn, he needs to eat, play, and be taken “out” often and not always when it’s convenient (like at 5 AM on a Sunday when I would rather be sleeping.) But I am proud of my daughter, she is taking it in stride and showing great responsibility with him!


But after we had finished tending to him, I went back to bed and slept late. It was nice not to have any place to be today!

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Waterfall Rock

I had been looking back over some of my older blogs lately and came across “Go Fly a Kite” from a few years back… This totally inspired me to want to get a kite and get out there in these nice March winds! Of course the day I plan to go the winds were high above the trees and I knew it would be hard to get the kites up high enough so I opted just to go on a hike. I had to get out of this house and out in a bit before I totally go mad!
Boykin Springs is our “go to” park for hiking when we don’t have all day to drive then hike. We generally hike the lake trail (which doesn’t even show up on the map) but I wanted a bit of a change so we headed down the Sawmill Hiking Trail. The trail used to go all the way to Bouton Lake but private land now blocks the way. I suppose that doesn’t matter today we wont be going that far.

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