A Day on the Farm

Sunday we slept in, well I say we slept in, I had been up really early with my daughter and her new puppy, a little Bassett Hound pup. He is a cute little thing, but like any newborn, he needs to eat, play, and be taken “out” often and not always when it’s convenient (like at 5 AM on a Sunday when I would rather be sleeping.) But I am proud of my daughter, she is taking it in stride and showing great responsibility with him!


But after we had finished tending to him, I went back to bed and slept late. It was nice not to have any place to be today!

My family spent the day working around our little farm. It started with hubby and the kids building two much-needed railings for the steps on our porches. (We call this class Woodshop) Then they went to changing tires on the car. (Auto Mechanics) My oldest son had helped his dad for a few years change tires but this time he had to do it on his own with his siblings as his helpers. He is now in the category of licensed driver so it is a skill he MUST have!

While the kids did their classes with dad, I took advantage of the wait time to go and take some beautiful pictures of my wisteria and the bees that were busy pollinating the bush! It was interesting that the honey bees didn’t pay much attention to me but the larger and louder


did!! I would step in to get a close-up and the


would dart away from the blossom (and sometimes at me) before I could get the camera to focus and take the picture! I don’t think I had ever been “in the  thick” of bees before! The sweet smell of the wisteria and the loud buzzing of the


made it quite a unique moment for me! I love nature!


I finished taking a few more pictures from around my yard then settled into brushing out my Aussie, Kelev’s, thick winter double coat! I took the shed fur and put it in the vine bird houses we made a few years ago so that the birds could use the fur for their building materials this spring! Hubby enlisted the littler kids to help shell last years dried peas for seeds to use in this year’s garden! My oldest and I got busy on cleaning the chicken yard. Our goats had a hay day strewing the two large contractor bags of recyclable cans all over the pen. When the others were done they joined us in the chicken yard picking up cans, raking, stacking spare lumber, gathering tin roofing, tearing down an unused small side pen and rolling up the wire. It looked TONS better when we were done!


A clean pen made for happy hens! We bought our 8 hens and 3 guineas as chicks in August of 2013 and this month they just started laying (7 months later)! It is always exciting to see their momentous moment of reaching adulthood and laying the first egg! They surprised us because instead of the tiny “first eggs” hens usually lay, they had eggs about the same size as our older hens! I am still waiting on the guineas to lay. I adore these crazy looking creatures! They make such good “guards” alarming us of anything (or nothing) they deem unwelcome! At least if something is after my hens these three will let us know, very loudly!


With peas shelled and ready hubby wanted to get them in the ground! He had built a “seed spacer” from a split 2X6, drilling holes every 7 inches and gluing 3/8 inch pipe along the length of the board to use as “punches.” My oldest would go ahead of them pressing the spacer into the ground while the “littles” would go along dropping seeds into the already made holes! Hubby then came along and covered them over! Many hands make easy work!

I love feeling the accomplishment of getting so much done in one day! That way when we have a day we want to “play” rather than work we can do so with peace of mind because are caught up on chores! It was a very pleasant happy day on the farm.

Blessings to you,


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