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Guard Dog Patrol

The other night I was up late and my dog, Kelev ,  started barking. I stepped out onto the porch to listen, the neighborhood was alive with dogs yelping and barking but then I heard the creepiest thing I have heard so far on our property, I wasn’t sure if it was a dog yelping in pain or a cat yowling in a fight, but whatever it was, the dogs around did not like it and neither did I. I went and woke up my husband to come listen.


Wouldn’t you know, as soon as my husband steps onto the porch, it never made another sound.

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Caught on Camera

I have a game camera in my barn yard, just to get funny pictures of the animals as they go about their day.


Example””: Goat photo bomb of the day!
Haddie bounding around the yard, and the hens looking at her like, “What’s your problem!?”

Well to day it proved to be a bit more useful.

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Turkey Poults

Several years ago, we had a few turkeys we had obtained from a neighbor. I just loved my big ol’ male turkey named “Turk!” He would sit in my lap and peck mosquitoes before they ever had a chance to land on me. He’d follow me around hoping for a rub or a pat and maybe a snack. He was just like a big feathered pup.  Sadly, he died and I have not had another turkey since, that is until now!

IMG_3433I am pretty excited to see if I can have another feathered buddy to follow me around the yard!

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Honey Bee Rescue

My 13 year old daughter (being silly as always) decided to rub wisteria on herself to “smell pretty” (all natural perfume idea!) She ended up getting a honey bee on her shoulder during the process! In a panic she swatted it off, stunning the poor thing just enough to make it loopy and unable to fly!



My youngest son, being an animal/insect lover like the rest of us, grabbed a twig, got the bee to climb on it, and brought it to me, telling me the whole story of his sister’s antics. I had to call in the expert, my 18 year old “wasp whisperer!”



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Monoculture Farming and the Sabbatical Year

I was reading articles the other day and came across an article from Natural News called “Almost everyone is deficient and you can die without it: Potassium”

The first line of the article says:


“Due to the poor monoculture farming practices of Big Ag, most of the topsoil for plant based foods has been depleted of key minerals over the past 100 years.”


I had no idea what “monoculture farming” was so I looked it up!

Wikipedia says:


“Monoculture is the agricultural practice of producing or growing a single crop or plant species over a wide area and for a large number of consecutive years.”



Notice how unhealthy the soil looks!

The first thing that popped into my head was, “You know, I bet that is why God commanded to let the land have a Sabbath every seven years!”


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