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Through Trials…


There are days that I can honestly say I have looked up toward Heaven and wondered,”God are you really real?” It is the days I feel most lost, most alone, and most vulnerable. It is the days when I am deep in a trial and wondering “WHY!”

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How We Celebrate the Feast of Trumpets!

The old testament commands a list of sacrificial offering to be given on this day but like I discussed in my earlier posts Keeping the Feast Days of the Bible & What is the Feast of Trumpets, there is no need for a blood sacrifice because Yeshua (Jesus) paid that price once and for all. And the Bible has no set of rules on HOW to celebrate the feast days since Messiah’s arrival over 2000 years ago. With no rules you have freedom to “keep the feast” pretty much however you feel draws you closer to God on His appointed days!

Feast trumpets

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“Keeping” the Feast Days of the Bible.

There are so many different views on the Biblical feast days. Some say we have no need to observe them, some say we must follow every detail of the Bible concerning them, while others follow the traditions of the Jews when observing the feast days. But what is the “right way?”

Feast Days


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In Spirit AND Truth

I have been thinking a lot lately about my walk with God. Six years ago I was in the slow process of pulling out of mainstream Christian church, after having been attending a church off and on since I was 13. The reason for my leaving was because people in my church did not approve of my new found beliefs of Hebrew Rooted Worship.

Spirit and Truth

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Our “Egg-Cellent” Love Marriage Retreat


This is really long, I apologize for that but I had to share it all.

Our “Egg-Cellent Love” Marriage Retreat

We were invited to a Christian marriage retreat at the house church that my kids have been attending for the last month. This is the last place I would think I needed to go, but I was drawn to it. We didn’t NEED help in our marriage, for the most part, we were good. Time has worked out most of the kinks and we were at a content place now. These are all the things I told my introverted self as I wrestled with the idea of going. I talked myself in and out of it until literally the day of the retreat.

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