A Flowerbed Make-Over

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A Flowerbed Make-Over

February 21, 2011

When we first moved here we build a little flower garden out of rocks around the small oak tree in our front yard. We did this to disguise the mound and stump that was left of the other tree we cut down. Well over the last few days it got a make-over. 

IMG_1397We dug up the rock that was in there so long roots started to grow around them making one impossible to get out without cutting the root.

IMG_1401We pulled out the black fabric that was long forgotten and moved the Spider Lilies that was planted there.   IMG_1398 We found two toads living in the rocks.

IMG_1399The ants we disturbed attacked the poor little toads. The kids grabbed the dogs water pan and quickly started to pull the ants off the little guys.


Stewart pulled out the chain saw and cut off the stump we had tried to hide so long ago. “You know, oak is a lot harder to cut than pine!” he protested.

100_9785      After a lot of hard work Stewart managed to get the stump cut out.100_9792

I grab the rake and get all the leaves and sticks pulled away from our work area.100_9798 Ready for the guys to build the box now.100_9799 One of the ‘L’s laid.

100_9801 Now it is a square.

100_9811 Two tiers high of landscape timbers and it is built. I pulled my old bird bath over to see if it would fit in the square.

100_9823 Yep, it fits.

100_9868 “Spray the ants please honey!”

100_9873 Next I laid down the felt fabric stuff in hope to keep the weeds out.

100_9876 I put potting soil in on top of the fabric. Now we are ready for the plants. We went to Lowes and found so many interesting plants. I doubt all of them should be planted outdoors but oh well we are going to give it a try. The strongest shall survive.


Echeveria ‘Lola’

100_9902 Kalanchoe Maternity Plant “Mother of Thousands”

100_9894 “Bunny Ears”

100_9895Argentine Opuntia “Cuija”

100_9896 “Peruvian Old Lady”

100_9897  “Split Rock”

100_9899 Aloe “Blue Elf”

100_9900 Aloe Vera



100_9891“Zipper Plant”

100_9890“Thimble Cactus”

100_9917 “Alabaster Swirl”

100_9926 I put on gloves hoping to not get too many thorns in my hands. Needless to say on I still got pricked but not near as bad as I would have had I not adorned the gloves. I was careful to slide the cacti out of their little pots so that I would not damage them or me.

cactus-000-Page-1 Adam took the camera and started taking pictures. This one I must have been day dreaming… maybe of a little tropical paradise in my front yard (so I went with that idea and “edited” it)100_9956

With all the plants in place it was time to add my white rock.

100_9986I put enough rock around each plant to “lift” them to the height of the rest of the rock then started covering the vacant area.

100_9995 I had just enough rock to cover the 4×4 square cactus bed.

100_9997I think it turned out really good for my very first cactus garden. A little patch of beauty in my yard. Now I can enjoy watching the birds feed out of my little “swing” feeder and bathe in the bird bath. We also have a small bird house and a humming bird feeder in the tree. Now that it is done I long to sneak out in the morning before everyone wakes up and sit on my porch, enjoying the peace and quiet, watching, and hopefully taking a few pictures to identify of the birds that come to visit.



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