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I Will Survive

I Will Survive


Once again we find ourselves down at Martin Dies Jr. State Park enjoying one of the wonderful hour long Saturday classes about nature. This time we are learning the basics on how to survive out in the wilderness if we get lost.

One thing she told us is to always have a “flight plan” and tell someone where you will be and for how long. We learned from past experience that it doesn’t take much to get “lost.” When we hiked the Kirby Trail and we accidently got on the wrong trail it was pretty scary to think about what all could have happened. The trail we ended up on was one that was open to hunters during hunting season which just happened to be when we was hiking. We could have gotten shot and no one would have known where to look for us because we took off without much thought of telling people where we were going, we should have learned the basics back then. 


After the lesson Ms. Katherine had the kids put together a pamphlet about how to survive in the wild.

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