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Belated New Years Caching

Belated New Years Caching


My hubby went to the E.R. on December 30th with bad stomach pain, after some meds and getting him hydrated he was feeling better so we begged and pleaded for them to let us go home for New Years Eve. Thankfully they released him and we spent the years transitional moments snuggled up happily in our own bed, happy to be home. He was still not 100% on New Years Day so we gave him another day to “recoop” and then headed out caching on January 2nd. We decided to do some roadside caches so hubby didn’t have to do any trekking and so the kids could get in some logs.

We drove out toward Broaddus and turned onto a farm to market road to begin our caching! I am posting my logs under the appropriate picture to give you an idea of how it goes.


001 (2)

LOG: (((treehugger)) and I found it at the same time but the log was to wet to sign and I didn’t have any spare paper guess I will have to take some supplies with me form now one to fix any problems I find for the next person.

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