Burning Bush Luminary

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Burning Bush Luminary

I love crafts but I hate those “nonsense crafts” we moms tend to chunk as soon as the kids get back from VBS or school. You all know the ones, the fluffy cotton ball sheep craft, the toilet paper roll Moses… yeah THOSE crafts. Why do crafts have to be disposable? If our kids are going to bother taking the time to make a craft shouldn’t it be something that can be useful or at least pretty when placed on a shelf. If we keep showing our children we do not value their time,  I can just imagine that they will stop trying to do things to the best of their abilities. I mean, wouldn’t you? So I want to start trying to make a tad more meaningful crafts. Ones that have a purpose or at least ones that are worthy of hanging on a wall or setting on a mantle for a time. Which brings me to my next craft.

Burning Bush

This week’s Torah Portion talks about the burning bush. This craft is simple enough for kiddos to craft but nice enough adults can appreciate! Of course, younger kids may need a little help but it is quick and easy and something you would be at least be happy to let them set in their rooms as a night light!!


  • 1 Quart size mason jar (you can use smaller jars if desired)
  • Red, yellow, & orange tissue paper
  • dark construction or scrapbook paper
  • Raffa twine
  • scissors
  • foam craft paint brush
  • ”Glue-All glue
  • glue dots
  • flameless candle



Do you have all your things gathered? Great! Then let’s starts!

Take your dark paper and cut out a burning bush shape. I used my Cricut Cutter to cut out the “bush” by cutting out three branches using Winter Woodland Cartridge and putting them together to form a bush. You can easily cut one out by hand if you need to, I just love my Cricut!



Cut “flame like” shapes out of the red and yellow tissue paper, set them aside.

Dab the back of the burning bush with a few glue dots, making sure any jar logo is turned away from you, press the burning bush again the jar. You need just enough dots to hold the burning bush in place while you use the foam brush to lightly coat the side of the jar with Glue-All. (Only coat the burning bush half of the jar at this point to make it easier to work with.)




Take your tissue “flames” and smooth them onto the glue over the burning bush in an abstract flame pattern. Brush glue over the entire surface of the jar including the tissue paper flames area stopping at the neck ring. Set the jar in the center of a whole sheet of orange tissue paper with your burning bush image facing a tissue paper corner. (You can interchange the yellow and the orange tissue paper if you prefer, I just like orange on the outside best)




Taking care to make sure the paper is smooth on the burning bush side, pull the corners of the paper up so they stick to the glue on all sides. The corners of the tissue will form a flame like top and the side of the paper will bunch some what “framing” the burning bush picture.  If you want to use a real candle, you should cut the tissue paper down to the neck ring of the jar for fire safety reasons.




Press the tissue paper to the jar so that the paper is all neatly against the jar all the way up to the neck ring. Then tie a piece of Raffa twine or ribbon around the jar neck.




Set your flameless candle in the jar and “Whalah!” A “Burning Bush”!! The flameless candle makes this super kid friendly! You don’t have to worry about them setting their “Burning Bush Luminary” in their room at night so they can see their own burning bush and have sweet dreams of the Holy Spirit visiting them just like He did with Moses!!



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