Happy Daze of September 2016

Thankful for a new month, a cooler month… a happier month!


September 3rd

The first cool day of “fall” we headed out to picnic and then hike one of the more interesting hiking trails at Mission Tejas. The trail we hiked was 2.25 miles of hills and valleys. It has a nice place to sit and just bask in the quietness of nature and steep inclines that have steps carved out of stone that is a reminder of days long ago.


There was a guided group hike taking place at the same time but we like to be loners so we wasted some time letting the kids play around on the park equipment while we let them get on down the trail a ways, not that the kids minded the wait of course!  PhototasticCollage-2016-09-03-19-14-24

We took our sweet time but even at a slow pace this fat girl was getting a good work out. It felt really good to know I could still hike two miles and not give out. It had been a while since we actually hiked anything with any effort needed. Austin practiced some of his photography, Anna flittered around as she always does climbing everything she can and Adam investigated the flora and fauna. Hubby and I mostly just kept up.. walk… breathe… walk… breathe and we sat at the benches as we found them soaking up the cool morning in the great outdoors.


September 12th

My eldest headed off to a little side job helping install a sprinkler system for a man my husband knows. I believe he put in a hard days work from the amount of dirt he had on himself when he got home! That’s ok, hard work is good for you!


Since he had to work and he doesn’t really care for biking all that much we took off to the state park to picnic, ride bikes, and play Pokémon. We rode 2 1/2 miles around the park roads. We even got to see a herd of deer fairly close up. They just stood there and looked at us flicking their tails while we took pics and rode on by!


For some strange reason, the park had an abundance of one type of Pokémon, the Cubone! So after our ride, I had a little fun taking “in real life” pics of it while the kids and hubby loaded the bikes.


September 13th

School is back in swing and going really well for once. I was dreading starting back because school is usually such a struggle these days. With Anna, she is using a free online curriculum and just goes does her own thing and works at her own pace and Adam and I work together on the curriculum I “gathered” together for him. He gave me a great compliment, he said this was his “favorite curriculum we have used so far!” That was quiet encouraging since I was the one to put it together for him! He really likes doing the portfolio pages and dioramas in history!


I am beginning to plan for the fall feast days and what started out as one blog quickly became three as I worked through the “whys and hows” of it all!

2016-09-13 (3)

September 18th

Today was a glorious day at church!! Several members of my family got healings, both physically and spiritually!!! I am so very thankful for a kind, loving, and merciful God who forgives us even when we can’t forgive ourselves and who heals us even when we don’t deserve it!!


September 20th

We have been studying the Jamestown Settlement in History and Adam has had the best time constructing a replica of the town!


September 23rd

Happy happy 80th birthday to my daddy!!!
Thank you for all you have done for us, for always being funny and silly, tough and strong, protective and loving all the day long! (Had to make it rhyme) love you Daddy!!!

We had a small family pizza party for him and cheese cake for dessert (his fav) and strolled down memory lane watching slide shows of our lives. I am thankful that all the grandkids were able to be there and spend time with their grandpa!!


September 24th

Congrats Mark & Courtney!!!

Our Nephew, Mark, got married to a wonderful young lady, today!!

Anna and I took our chance to steal some love from my other nephew, Josh’s,  sweet baby girls!!


The wedding was beautiful… yes, I tear’ed up! To see both of my nephews (on my hubby’s side) grown and married and starting their adult lives with such lovely women by their sides makes me so proud and happy for them. I wish them all the blessing and happiness in the world!!


September 30th

We had a little family Feast of Trumpets party! I tried to make trumpet shaped food, which for the most part was a fail. Mainly because I had never worked with the dough types I was working with and it took way longer than I had thought it would so I was a bit stressed that it was not done in time but after the food was finished and eaten, we all headed out to my pergola.

We talked about what this Feast day meant and how knowing things about the Hebraic culture had helped us understand some questions we had in the Bible our whole lives. We talked about God, church, and family. We ate S’mores and the kids played chase in the yard with their glow sticks. Even the cats, dogs, and donkey all joined us around the fire. I am so glad it was cool weather so we could really enjoy the fire and the peace of the evening.


Love and Blessings,


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