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Blackberry Jelly

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We picked an abundance of blackberries a year ago and at the time, I did not want to mess with making jelly! So I washed them, bagged them and froze them… and forgot about them. That is of course until our freezer went out and I HAD to remember them! Thankfully I “caught” the freezer going out and the berries were just beginning to thaw so I put them in the fridge, where I procrastinated about making jelly for another week. Jelly isn’t hard to make, it is just … I am messy and lazy most of the time so I just didn’t FEEL like dealing with it.


Well it was a nice soggy summer day in East Texas and not a whole lot else to do inside, so I finally “cowgirled up” and tackled my jelly making, well at least the juicing part of it!

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