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March 2011

We almost decided to not garden this year. I expect a dry year. Lord, I hope I am wrong. At the last minute we decided to go ahead and give it a try.


Stewart tilled up the garden plot with his redneck fixed tiller.


He made wire rings to make compost out of leaves and grass from our yard. It helps the soil be richer for planting.



He then made rows and hoed out the grass.



Stewart had Austin build these raised beds and run a piece of cattle panel down them to tie his tomatoes too.



The men then hoed the rows with a trench so the short people could plant the Pinkeye Purple Hull Peas, which is the main thing we plant. I figure we could live off peas if we ever had too, besides fresh purple hulls are so much more tastier than canned.



The short people, which included myself, got busy planting the peas while the guys covered them back over.



I love that my family does everything together, whether it be work or play. Of course they enjoy the play much more than the work but I feel making them learn “work before play” is a major value that will carry on into their adult lives.

Get the work done, then you have your reward. Knowing that they had a major part in the planting of the seeds gives them a since of accomplishment when it comes to the harvest.


Wow, that could almost preach.



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  1. very nice looking garden…

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