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Just as Much

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Just as Much

April 29, 2011

After I lost my sweet dog Foxy I thought I would not love another pet. I almost rebelliously had my mind set to it.

2010-09-05 kelev (3)

That is of course until a little dog named Kelev came into my life. -~~CONTINUE READING~~>

Canyon Rim

Canyon Rim

April 24, 2011

We woke first thing in the morning hoping to get a hike in before the heat became to intense. The summer-like weather in the spring has made me wish we were back in the winter. On top of the heat, there is no rain. Everything is so dry and fire danger is very high.  All winter I was looking forward to the spring with the flowers and birds and all but now I am disappointed. We decided last night to head toward Newton to check out some trails we found online. We chose the Canyon Rim trail to take on. We thought we would get in a couple hikes today. Of course, we were thinking that before we arrived at any of them.



Passover 2011

Passover 2011

April 18, 2011

Passover this year was very special, my daddy came!!! He came to Purim and it was fun so I suppose he decided to brave Passover. I have to say if he made it through Passover he can make it through any of my Feast Day celebrations. This holiday is the most ritualistic of the feast days with a lot of reading, symbolism and it is all to be done in a particular order. My dad was a trooper and even though no one warned him what he was in store for, we made it through it.

The only sad thing is that my nephew Jonathan was unable to make it because he was working out of town.

I had tried for three weeks to write a new Haggadah (the booklet we use to go through the meal) but I always ended up with writers block each time I sat at my computer to try.

anna 017

Finally the day before Passover and no new Haggadah,  I decided maybe GOD was just wanting me to relax and so I decided to use one I had already wrote for Passover 2010. It was not “up to date” with all I have learned so far but it did the trick.

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Roadside Botany

Roadside Botany

April 6, 2011

Ever since spring “sprung”, I have been wanting to go looking at the beautiful flowers that decorate the roadsides along our East Texas highways. I wanted to do it as part of our homeschooling. It is important to me that our children care about nature and find a passionate love for it. Our science classes are based on nature more than anything.

It took us three days to get enough pictures so that I was satisfied with the variety and I still did not get all of the local flowers. I know, I probably can’t identify them all correctly but I did try my best. I hope you enjoy having science class with my family and I as you read this blog.


Before we ever left the front yard we digitally captured the beautiful Wisteria bush that is growing beside the gate. I love the sweet fragrance of these grape-like clusters of purple flowers as it floats on the breeze when I sit under our pergola