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Some Gave All

Some Gave All


I never had the pleasure of meeting my Uncle Pat, you see the war took him back in 1966. My oldest sister Barbie was the only niece from my dad he ever met, and she was just a baby, so she has no memory of him either. Brenda and I had never met him, but that doesn’t stop the tears from running down my face as I type this blog and it doesn’t stop the emotions from erupting from my heart as I edit the pictures of the articles my Granny clipped from the newspapers long ago.  To read the words quoted from my daddy as he spoke of his only brother and to see the pain of losing a loved one in the faces of my dad, Granny, and aunts has taken its toll on me today. I am writing this blog for Memorial Day. The day that was set aside to remember that some gave all.

pat 3

My daddy, William C. McGee, had already served one “hitch” in the army. When he got out, he and Uncle Pat worked in construction for a while. Work was scarce one winter so January 1963 they decided to enlist together. They were stationed together for a while in Korea.

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Our Donated Terrarium

Our Donated Terrarium

May 14, 2011

My wonderful niece Susan, who is more like a cousin because of our ages, was so generous to donate her 60 gallon terrarium and several things to go with it to our little classroom after the death of her bearded dragon. She knew Austin was into reptiles and amphibians so she thought of him when she was ready to get rid of the tank.


Austin wanted to keep it in his room but the shear size of the tank made that not possible, so into the classroom it went. Which is probably better so that we all can enjoy it.

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Mud Slides and Dams

Mud Slides and Dams

May 9, 2011

We seem to end up back at Boykin Springs more often than I care to admit. I like the place don’t get me wrong but I love discovering new things but today they family just wanted to go play so that is what we did.


Anna was happy to see that the “tub” we made last time we was here was intact and had finished filling up with water.

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Slipping and a sliding

Slipping and a Sliding

May 7, 2011

We went to a birthday party and the kids played on a slip and slid. They had a blast!


Adam went at it 100% all boy but Anna wanted to be a little timid and tried to be more graceful.

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Torah Scraps ~Sanctifying the Name of God~

Torah Scraps ~Sanctifying the Name of God~

May 6, 2011


Emor : אמר – “Say”
Torah : Leviticus 21:1-24:23
Prophets : Ezekiel 44:15-31
Gospel : Luke 11:1-12:59

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