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Botany Test ~Monocots and Dicots~

Botany Test ~Monocots and Dicots~

May 5, 2011

Being the “not so typical school” that we are, when we test we usually end up with something like this:

After reading in our Apologia Science Book “Exploring Creation with Botany”  Lesson 2 ~Seeds~  and learning about monocots and dicots we needed to see if the kids understood what we went over. So out to a hiking trail we went!.

A monocot has a single cotyledon (seed part) like a piece of corn and a dicot has two parts like a bean. If the seed is not present you can look at the leaves to tell; monocots have parallel veins running vertically along the leaf (like grass) and a dicot has the “net” of veins spreading out from the main center vein (like most plants have). Monocot’s flowers usually have petals in sets of threes, where dicots have petals in sets of fours or fives.


“OK we are ready!” I don’t think I have to worry to much about them “freezing up” before a test!

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