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Mother’s Day 2011

Mother’s Day 2011

May 5, 2011

My wonderful children are procrastinators just like me. The night before Mother’s day they begged to stay up a little later because we had been off visiting family and didn’t get in till late and they did not have their computer time. I told them that was fine. I was unaware they actually wanted to stay up later to fix me a Digital Scrapbook Mother’s Day card.

The next morning Stewart snuck into the kitchen and cooked cinnamon rolls for breakfast and brought them to me in bed. Of course, I thought it was so sweet but I told him I will eat in the kitchen ( I only could see sugar and crumbs in the bed if I ate there.) Stewart called the kids to turn on their computers and they had all made me a scrapbook page and had put it as their background of their computers so when the PC’s were turned on that is what I would see. In Stewart’s words, “Welcome to the digital age, mom!” I thought they did such a good job. I had them “zoop” it to a flash drive so I could blog them.

Scrapbook 16


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Mothers Day Stress Relief Remedy ~Craft~

Mothers Day Stress Relief Remedy ~Craft~

May 6, 2011

So as I was surfing around on Facebook a few days ago, one of my favorite Blogger/Full Bible Christian/Homeschooler/Author friend Robin Sampson of Heart of Wisdom and co-author of “A Family Guide to Biblical Holidays” posted a link to this adorable little craft project and I just had to do it for my mom, sisters, and MIL for Mother’s Day.

I call it the Mother’s Day Stress Relief Remedy.

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