Torah Scraps ~Sanctifying the Name of God~

Torah Scraps ~Sanctifying the Name of God~

May 6, 2011


Emor : אמר – “Say”
Torah : Leviticus 21:1-24:23
Prophets : Ezekiel 44:15-31
Gospel : Luke 11:1-12:59

This weeks Torah Portions talked about how not only can we blaspheme the Name of God verbally we also do it with our actions.

“Our behavior reflects on Him. If we act in a holy manner befitting children of God, God’s name is sanctified. If we act in a godless or wicked manner, God’s reputation is sullied. Our behavior profanes His reputation.

When we sin, God’s Name is profaned. His reputation is tarnished because of us. This is a very serious matter that deserves far more attention than we can accord to it here.” FFOZ

I likened it to a mirror and asked them which reflection do they want to see, one of the likeness of Yeshua or one of another likeness that is not Holy.

The kids scraped good vs. evil pages showing that when we act bad, we disgrace Gods name but when we are good we bring glory to His Name.


Austin knows sometimes his attitude reflects the wrong image and can disgrace the Holiness of God.

Scrapbook 7_02

Anna said that name calling was not a Godly thing to do and it makes it hard for people to see Christ in us.

Scrapbook 15

Adam knows that being aggressive is not how Yeshua would want us to act, that we are suppose to love everyone and that brings Glory to God.

I think if we all would take a few seconds to reflect on our actions and if those actions are not bringing Glory to the Holy Name of Yahweh then we need to change so that the light of Yeshua shines. I know to many people that have been “turned off” church because of the image some of the members were producing, and those images were not the image of Christ.


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