Just as Much

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Just as Much

April 29, 2011

After I lost my sweet dog Foxy I thought I would not love another pet. I almost rebelliously had my mind set to it.

2010-09-05 kelev (3)

That is of course until a little dog named Kelev came into my life.

Stewart took me to Canton, TX and pretty much against my will and bought me a puppy within a few weeks of losing Foxy.

2010-09-26 tabernacles (70)

I did not feel ready to “replace’” her yet, I had more crying to do I had more anger to deal with. I didn’t want to say no because I knew it would help the kids to get past the loss of our family pet if they had a pup to play with, so I gave in.

I still fought the urge to love him. I did not want to lose him and be heart broken again. The person who said “better to have loved and lost” is goofy. I only lost my doggy, not even a family member, and it hurt so bad I could hardly stand it. Of course a person can not turn off the heart’s emotions no matter how bad we wish we could at times.

2010-09-26 tabernacles (64)

It didn’t take long for Kelev to wiggle his fuzzy little self right into the big middle of my heart.

2010-11-05 bikes (22)2010-11-05 bikes (28)100_3437

Now, don’t get me wrong, he has been a bit of a challenge at times. Chewing anything and everything he could get a hold of which includes but not limited to bike fringe, wisteria bushes, shoes,… phone lines, Stewart’s solar yard lights…

2010-11-05 kelev (13)

To the point Stewart was about to give up on Kelev because he was so destructive. Thankfully, Kelev’s special little personality won Stewart back over each time.

2010-11-05 kelev (15)

This little pup was curious and in the big middle of everything we did or do.

2010-11-05 kelev (10)

As Kelev grew from pup to dog so did our affection for him. He was becoming a member of our family, not just a pet.

Scrapbook 13_01

Loving to get in our laps and posing for pictures as much as our other children.


Always “sitting” at the picnic table with us. Having a deep mind discussions with Mr. Orangey, the cat.


The kids love him just like a sibling, and of course he thinks he is one. He seems to be saying, “What ya doing sis?”


They love to play with him, although I don’t think the children have learned the concept of “fetch” yet.



He has such a mild temperament. He was very interested in the kittens but knew not to hurt the babies.


He hates it when we are in the back yard and he can’t come (because he tramples the garden.) He peeks under the fence and watches us longingly.

It amazes me how fast he learns. I coaxed him one time a few months ago to get in a chair beside me.

When I was done giving him his bath this time around and I got out of the chair I was sitting in to wash him and he hopped up in it and has been getting up in a chair to sit with us every time we are outside now.


I decided to write this blog even though I already have a blog about Kelev. I did because I just realized today as he ran to beat me to the top of the steps he had filled the void my Foxy girl had left behind.

She always ran to the top step to make sure she got her very last loving in before I went inside for the day… and today, I realized Kelev did the same.


He will never be Foxy but I told him today, “Are you trying to be like my Foxy girl? You know Kelev, I love you just as much as I did her.” and my heart smiled knowing it was ok to love a pet again.

Foxy was a wonderful beautiful dog, loyal, devoted, and loved me so very much and I think I will always miss her but Kelev has a character that I have never seen in any dog. I love him in a different way than I did Foxy. With her, I had a protective love, guarding her from harm and wanting to care for her, which probably stemmed from me rescuing her. With Kelev, it is more of a best friend love and we just enjoy each other. I know most people want to say a dog doesn’t have a soul and they are “just” an animal but I say those people have never met

Mr. Kelev Tov “Mammer Pajammer” Husband.

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