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Roadside Botany

Roadside Botany

April 6, 2011

Ever since spring “sprung”, I have been wanting to go looking at the beautiful flowers that decorate the roadsides along our East Texas highways. I wanted to do it as part of our homeschooling. It is important to me that our children care about nature and find a passionate love for it. Our science classes are based on nature more than anything.

It took us three days to get enough pictures so that I was satisfied with the variety and I still did not get all of the local flowers. I know, I probably can’t identify them all correctly but I did try my best. I hope you enjoy having science class with my family and I as you read this blog.


Before we ever left the front yard we digitally captured the beautiful Wisteria bush that is growing beside the gate. I love the sweet fragrance of these grape-like clusters of purple flowers as it floats on the breeze when I sit under our pergola