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Balloon’s Make the World Go Around

Balloon’s Make the World Go Around

June 6, 2011

We started studying the solar system in  Astronomy  this week. The project was to make a solar system out of balloons. Of course any time you drag out the balloons there is going to be a good time.


Adam tried to blow up a balloon extra big. He succeeded, he blew it up so big it popped!

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Remembering Columbia

Remembering Columbia

July 5, 2011

I wasn’t sure what to expect on our visit to the small town of Hemphill, Texas; home of the “Remembering Columbia” Museum. I figured like most small Museums it would have pictures and posters and a few pieces of memorabilia here and there. At first glance that may be what you see. But the real treasure lies within the story.

I can not begin to do any of these stories justice, you have to visit the Museum and hear it told by the women who were there. They tell the story with such passion and love because it is a memory for them who lived it and saw it with their own eyes.


 Anna, Adam, & Austin waiting for the doors to open.

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