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Moody Gardens


Moody Gardens

September 2, 2011


A lady from church  was so kind to give us the free tickets to Moody Gardens that she had gotten from a radio station because she was unable to go. There was seven tickets so we decided to take along my sister and her kids who have never been. We drove the two hours it takes to get there and one of the coolest parts of the trip is getting to ride the ferry from Crystal Beach to Galveston Island.

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While we were waiting to board the ferry (along with all the other cars) we started messing with the seagulls that were nearby. We tossed a crumb of a pop tart we had, out the window to a lone seagull that was wandering by. Unfortunately we forgot about the fact that seagulls hunt in packs so in a matter of seconds we had a flock of seagulls swarming our car. I am sure the man ahead of us who had just got out of his car for a quick smoke sure did not appreciate that very much…oops!

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