Daily Archives: July 2, 2014

Homeschool Burnout

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It is sad to say but…

I have lost my zeal for homeschooling. I have been going through the motions lately but not pouring myself into the  children’s education like I did when they were little. Back then, homeschooling was still fresh and new for me and I was still excited about it all. After a few years of schooling, many moms tend to have homeschool burn-out. It is where you lose you drive and passion for it. You are tired and mentally exhausted and attempt to “push through” and the kids are bored and and disinterested tend to “push back.”

stressI have been stuck in “burn out” mode for too long. I struggle with depression and health issues ever since my “medically induced menopause.” During that time, we got “behind” in schooling and we never seemed to recover.  But something has to be done…
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