Torah Portion – Vayera “He appeared”

Vayera | וירא | “He appeared “

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Becky’s Thoughts (2014)

Law of God vs. Traditions of Men
The first thing I noticed when reading this weeks portion was this passage:

Genesis 18:8 Then he took curds and milk and the calf that he had prepared, and set it before them. And he stood by them under the tree while they ate.

This totally “debunks” the traditional Rabbinical law of not eating meat and milk together (check out the “law” here) This is a perfect example of the “laws” Yeshua (Jesus) scolded the Pharisees for putting above the Word of Yahweh (God) in Mark 7:7-9.

The Rabbi’s were so afraid that the people would break God’s Commandments  and cause curses upon their nation again that they put up extra traditions as “guard rail” laws around the true Commandments of God, but these man-made laws were so detailed and burdensome that few could keep up with them all. It is also what makes people not understand there were “two laws” at the time…

God’s “law” which is holy and true and just and then

“man’s law” which was “added too’ the Word,  though these “laws” were made with “good intentions,” they became burdensome and condemning for no reason.

God kept it simple, man made it complicated!

Will you indeed?
I have to admire the mighty men of God… Abraham pleaded for the lives of Sodom & Gomorrah… he had hope that there were righteous people within the city… he had hope for humanity. All I see day after day in this world is a call for justice, a call for retribution, we all want to cry out for swift justice without consideration that there may be innocent people in the middle of a bad situation, we are those who shout “crucify them” without a second thought. The Lord had heard they were vile but he didn’t even take another’s word for it, He sent his angels down to check it out for Him. While they investigated Abraham pleaded with him… if there are 50 righteous… how about 45? … 40?… 35?… each time the Lord agreed to spare the city for the righteous… He was wanting to show mercy, Abraham was hoping for just a few good men… how about 10?? Of course none were found and the city was destroyed but the thing that stands out is, that Abraham pleaded  for mercy… The Lord would have been merciful… if only there were a few good men.
I have always wondered, so many times in the Bible, how someone stood up for those who were about to be destroyed and humbly said, “Not so Lord!”  They begged for mercy for those around them, for their sinning brothers… and the Lord listened… how often do we? This also makes me think, how many are trying to be “righteous” so that the Lord can be merciful… These are things that make me think…


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