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Toms or Hens? Sexing Turkeys

Toms or Hens? Sexing Turkeys

When I went to pick out my poults, I had never sexed a turkey chick before. I looked up the basics online but a lot of it was guess work. The man I bought them from would not tell me which was which because he didn’t want to have favoritism buying (basically us buying up all his hens leaving him with only Thanksgiving dinner candidates). We had to point at which ones we wanted, and he would box them up for us and if we didn’t know what we were doing, well then, that was our problem. (kind of harsh huh!)

Sexing Turkeys

I am glad I had researched a bit online beforehand so I would know that the hens would have a more triangular shaped head and the toms a more boxy head before we came. (I research everything!)

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